Milad Tower

Tehran Milad Tower is one of the attractions of Tehran and the world’s sixth tallest telecommunications tower. Today, Milad Tower is known as the symbol of Tehran and the capital’s tourist hub. Tehran Milad Tower complex includes different administrative, commercial and tourism sectors; Currently, the complex is popular among Tehran inhabitants due to its wide range of services and recreational facilities. Although there is a cost using the main parts upper floors of the tower, the lower sections and the area are free to the public.

Tehran Milad Tower is the tallest building in Tehran, the third highest tower in the Middle East and the sixth tallest telecommunications tower in the world. Today, Tehran Milad Tower is widely used in telecommunications and tourism fields. It is now known as the symbol of Tehran in the world.

Tehran Milad Tower complex is located on an area of about 75 hectares on a hill in Tehran’s Koy-e-Nasr district, located in Tehran’s 2nd District, northwest of the city. Milad Tower reaches from the north to Hemmat Highway, from the south to Hakim Highway, from the east to Chamran Highway, and from the west to Sheik Fazlullah Highway.

Tehran Milad Tower has 1693 stairs. Over the past few years, on various occasions, interesting competitions has been run on these stairs. Milad Tower stair climbing competition have its own fans. The record of stair-climbing the Milad Tower is about 11 minutes. Breaking the record is important for many athletes in track and field. Traversing the steps of the Milad Tower in various conditions such as juggling a soccer ball, has been one of the most interesting news in recent years.

In Tehran Milad Tower complex, there are different recreational and tourist sections, some are located at the top of the tower and some in the surrounding area.

Closed Observation Deck

” Closed Observation Deck” is on the third floor of the tower and there is a beautiful view of the city’s various landscapes for visitors.

Coin Museum

On the fourth floor above the Milad Tower is the ” Coin Museum”. The coins displayed in the museum are 160 different coins from the historical periods of the Achaemenid, Parthian and Sasanian Empires that were collected and donated to the museum by private collector.

Celebrity Museum

Among the most beautiful parts of the Milad Tower is the “Celebrity Museum” at 271 meters high on the fifth floor. The celebrity museum contains a collection of Iranian celebrity sculptures in their actual size, and Professor Ali Reza Khaghani designed and made them with silicone elegantly. Among the statues of the celebrity museum are statues of prominent historical, cultural, literary, artistic figures as well as Iranian great scholars, including statues of Professor Majid Samii, Professor Hesabi, Simin Daneshvar, Jalal Al-Ahmad, Gholamreza Takhti, Master Shahriar and famous Iranian painter, Kamal-ol-Molk. Visiting this part of the Milad Tower is very attractive to tourists.

Open Observation Deck

One of the most important parts of the Milad Tower, which brings many tourists to the top of the tower, is the “Open Observation Deck”. This section of the Milad Tower is 280 meters high in a 3000 m2 area on the 7th floor of the Milad Tower. Also there are cameras to watch different areas of the city. For more safety, the open deck is covered with overall wire fence.

Sky Dome

“Sky dome” is located on the last floor of the head structure, the 12th floor, at an elevation of 302 meters. The dome is 13 meters high and has a special beautiful architecture with an all-glass exterior.

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