Fin Garden

Fin Garden

Fin Garden is one of the most famous and important tourist attractions in Kashan, not only registered in the national heritage list but also is one of the 9 Iranian gardens in the world heritage list. This garden is so beautiful that it is mentioned as a perfect example of Iranian gardening. Thanks to the numerous fountains, the pleasant sound of water, and tall trees, Fin Garden is a dreamy place for sightseeing. Especially since its teahouse gives you the chance to enjoy these pure moments to the fullest.

In addition to this, there are many worth visiting historical monuments in this garden such as Khalvat Karimkhani, Howz Jooshan, Qajar Shotorgalo (house), water divider and Kashan National Museum. Although, one of the main reasons for the fame of Fin Garden can be the murder of Amir Kabir, the famous Prime Minister of Iran, which is one of the most important historical events in this garden.

Introduction of Fin Garden in Kashan

Fin Garden is one of the tourist attractions of Kashan, registered in Iran national heritage list in 1935 and in world heritage list in 2011. The area of Fin Garden is 33,799 m2, which is very magnificent and regal due to the walls, battlements and cylindrical towers around the garden, and therefore it has been given the name “King’s Garden”.

When you walk into this garden, in addition to being fascinated by its enchanting beauty, you will encounter several centuries of history. At the end, you can visit the garden teahouse, located in a pleasant environment and can doubles your joy.

One of the interesting things about this garden comes from the belief of some people that by throwing a coin into the pond, your dreams will be fulfilled. Although this is for fun, the philosophy of throwing coins into water can be found in Zoroastrian religion, where water is a symbol of purity, and its followers would give part of their property to the water goddess to bless their homes.

Where is Fin Garden?

To visit Fin Garden, you should go to Kashan historical city in Isfahan province and continue towards Amir Kabir Street to reach the lush and vast Fin Garden.

History of Fin Garden in Kashan

Due to the spring that flows in Fin, it has been the focus of kings and rulers since the past. The exact age of Fin Garden is not known, so some people attribute its construction to Ardashir I period. But what is clear is that the first mention of Fin Garden in historical sources is related to Ya’qūb ibn al-Layth al-Saffār time, it is about the existence of a spring and a garden in the central deserts of Iran.

According to historical sources, some experts have considered the Buwayhid era as the formation time of Fin Garden, and some have attributed it to the Ilkhanate period; especially because Yaqut al-Hamawi, one of the historians of the 7th century AH, wrote about people excursing in Fin Gardens.

Architecture of Fin Garden in Kashan

Dynamic elements of water and trees, and fixed elements like buildings can be seen in the architecture of Fin Garden, which together have created a dreamy environment. Although the symmetry was particularly important in the initial design of the garden, over time it has been sidelined, which is evident in the axes of the garden and additional structures built after the Safavid period.

Water is one of the main elements in Fin Garden, which has been used in different ways.

This large amount of water next to the towering trees, in this desert and water scarcity region, fascinates every viewer; especially the contrast of turquoise color with the earthy tone of the deserts around the garden.

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Fin Garden