Are Iranian People Nice To Tourists?

To answer the question, “Are Iranians friendly to tourists or not”, the best answer is to look at the experience of those who have traveled to Iran. The opinions of these foreign tourists can give a clearer answer to this question and provide you with better details of the culture and lifestyle of Iranian people.

The Most Questions That Iranians Ask

“There are lovely people all over the world, but wait until you go to Iran” is a sentence written by Daris after visiting our country. He says that all Iranians have similar reactions when faced with foreign tourists. A series of things are quite clear when you enter Iran. Iranians are extremely curious about foreign tourists. Almost as soon as you cross the border, local people warmly welcome you in the street and shout “Welcome to Iran”. Iranian people always ask you three main questions: where are you from? what religion do you have and What do you think about Iran?

Are Iranian People Nice?

Are Iranian People Nice?

Hospitality is deeply rooted in Iranian culture, but they are worried and embarrassed about the image that the media shows of them, but Iranian people know who they are and are proud of being Iranian. They say that they always stand by what they believe in, that’s why throughout the history of this country, Iranian people have always made great changes in their government and in the field of human rights.

The Compliments Of Iranians Have Made Us Crazy

After traveling to Iran, many foreign tourists publish their travel memories on their blogs and personal pages. One of the points that most of the tourists have mentioned about traveling to Iran is about the “taarof” of Iranians. It seems that this old custom has caused problems for foreign tourists.

James is one of those who says after his trip to Iran, “Iranian customs are like a nightmare for me”, but Maricia wrote about this Iranian custom in her blog that “you should always insist on paying for taxis and restaurants.” But the Iranians pretend that they don’t want to receive money from you. In complimenting Iranians, it is as if the host is obliged to offer everything that the guest likes, and the guest has the same duty to reject all of them.” But Nik considers complimenting Iranians as an attempt to show their generosity” In Iran, there is something called compliments. In compliments of Taarof, you have to do something or suggest something that even you can’t handle, even taxi drivers and bazaar businessmen offer you to use their services for free. But you should be careful and don’t accept it, because not following this unspoken law in Iran is not a good thing at all. Dealing with compliments from Iranians is like walking on a minefield for foreign travelers.

Sweets and chocolates are one of the currency units of Iran

After his trip to Iran, one of the tourists said about the currency of us Iranians and the problems of exchange: “The most confusing thing that can happen to you in Iran is dealing with money because the official currency of Iranians is Rial, but , prices are calculated in “tomans”. I don’t have a problem with math, because every 10 rials is equal to one Toman, but what I was wondering was why? really why? The people of Iran still use the official unit of money (Rial) as 80 years ago, but they themselves count with Tomans.

In addition, another European tourist has pointed out a funny point in dealing with the crisis of small change for us Iranians, “one of the serious problems of shopping in Iran is the lack of coins and small change, so that taking 2000 rials or 500 rials in Iranian purchases is almost something impossible, but what do you think they do when they don’t have money to pay you back? They give you a piece of candy instead of money? Yes, you heard that right, a piece of candy! (Laughing) They always have a bag of these sweet things with them, and if they don’t have change, they’ll throw one in your bag like you’re in heaven. Of course, for those who like sweets!

Iran is a safe Place for Female Travellers

Iran is a safe destination for solo female travelers. While it is important to respect local customs and dress modestly, Iranian society is known for its hospitality and respect towards visitors. By exercising general safety precautions and being mindful of their surroundings, solo female travelers can enjoy a rewarding and secure experience exploring the rich culture and beauty of Iran.

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Iran; The capital of nose job

But one of the interesting things of Iranian people has been the bandaged noses. A tourist in his blog, called Iran the capital of nose job, “I came to this very funny conclusion. On the first day, when I was traveling, I saw a teenage boy with a patch on his nose, I thought to myself that he must have had an accident, the next day I saw another man and then I thought that maybe Iranian men fight with each other a lot. Because I was in the countryside of Kurdistan and all the people I saw were boys, I didn’t think about nose surgery at all until the next day, in one of the restaurants of one of the big cities, I saw a twenty-year-old girl who had the exact same patch on her nose; and told me that he keeps these patches on his nose longer than she should, to show everyone that she had a nose job! All Iranian people pay special attention to the nose and it is a “national obsession” for them, and it was funny to me that I had to explain to them many times that I did not have a nose job.

Iranian people are very kind

Iranian people are very kind

“The most underestimated point on the planet” is the nickname that one of the tourists attributed to Iran in his note. Most of them say that Iranians are the warmest and most hospitable people they have ever met, “Iranians are willing to drive you hundreds of miles with their car, even if their route is completely different from yours. Or rather, they will take you to hundreds of kilometers and then tell you that they were on their way here to buy some food.

For them, a guest is a guest, and in the culture of Iranian people, a guest is a friend of God. Maybe you may wonder why when you read this? All these works have a similar reason. Iranians are wonderful. “They are sometimes too good!” Nicholas also wrote about this moral characteristic of Iranians, “In Iran, you don’t even need a guide book. You just have to stand in the street with a stunned face to see how an Iranian invites you to his home.” No matter where you are in Iran, as soon as you pull out the map, there is always someone to help you. If you seem a little thirsty, there is always someone to invite you to a cup of tea and then after some minutes, your new Iranian friend will invite you to his house.

I think You can answer this question now. Are Iranian people nice?


Iranian people are generally known for their warm hospitality and friendliness towards tourists. Visitors to Iran often find themselves being welcomed with genuine kindness and generosity by locals. Iranians are proud of their culture and heritage and are often eager to share it with visitors. It is not uncommon for Iranians to approach tourists, strike up conversations, and offer assistance or recommendations. However, as with any destination, it is important to exercise common sense, be respectful of local customs, and remain aware of your surroundings to ensure a positive and safe travel experience. Use Iran travel agency services for a safe trip to Iran.

FAQs about Iranian Hospitality

  • What is Iran like for tourists?

Iran offers a rich cultural heritage, stunning architecture, diverse landscapes, and warm hospitality, making it an intriguing destination for tourists.

  • Is Iran a welcoming country?

Yes, Iran is generally a welcoming country for tourists, known for its warm hospitality and friendly interactions with visitors.