10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Iran

The sea is one of the most amazing phenomena that no one ever gets tired of seeing. Because of their natural attractiveness, beaches have been drawing the attention of many tourists, and every year, with the weather warming up, a huge wave of tourists travels to these beaches. The beautiful beaches of Iran can be considered one of the main reasons for traveling during vacations. Many people prefer to relax by the shores of Iran, engaging in exciting activities or exploring busy places. Naturally, choosing the best beach in Iran is hard among the numerous attractive spots in the north and south. However, today, in Kental Travel magazine, we have compiled a list of 10 of the most beautiful beaches in Iran that you will undoubtedly enjoy seeing and even reading about without getting tired.

Most Beautiful Beaches in Iran

With their breathtaking shores, the cities in the north and south of Iran have created a suitable environment for leisure and relaxation for tourists and travelers. In Iran, you can stroll along these eye-catching beaches throughout all seasons of the year. Due to its pleasant climate, many travelers come to the northern region during spring and summer. Even during the cold days of the year, when the north shores are often rainy and cloudy, limiting the opportunity for walking and exploring, the southern weather is very pleasant and spring-like. Many tourists prefer to head south during winter to enjoy the beautiful, fascinating beaches. We have introduced the Top-rated beaches in Iran below.

Hormuz Island Beach

Address: Hormozgan Province, Hormoz Island

Hormuz Island Beach

Hormuz Island Beach

Without a doubt, the most beautiful and mysterious island in the Persian Gulf is the stunning Hormoz Island and its famous Red Beach. The unique geographical features of Hormoz Island have made the soil veins on its shores truly one-of-a-kind. One of the most beautiful beaches in Iran and Hormoz Island is Red Beach, located in the southern part of the island. The main reason for the red color of this beach is the presence of iron oxide in most of the soil compositions, which gives rise to the beautiful red hue. Besides creating visual beauty for tourists, the soil in this area has other remarkable properties, including high economic value and use in making colors, cosmetics, and more.

The access route to Red Beach, Hormoz Island:

This southern Iranian island is located near Qeshm and approximately 8 kilometers from Bandar Abbas, covering an area of about 42 kilometers. To reach the island, take a plane, train, or bus to Bandar Abbas or Qeshm and then use a boat to get to Hormoz Island. The distance from Qeshm to Hormoz is approximately 45 minutes, and from Bandar Abbas to Hormoz, it takes about 30 minutes.

Marjan Beach

Address: Hormozgan Province, Southeastern part of Kish Island

Marjan Beach in Kish

Marjan Beach in Kish

Marjan Beach in Kish is a rocky beach and is considered one of the most popular attractions on Kish Island. Its recreational and leisure facilities, numerous hotels, and restaurants provide an excellent sightseeing place. The diverse marine rocks, corals, snails, seashells, and more in this beach’s clear and pristine waters mesmerize onlookers. The beauty of Marjan Beach is doubled during sunrise and sunset, soothing the soul of every tourist. In addition to the natural beauty of this beach, one of the reasons that has made Marjan Beach one of the best Iran beaches is the range of recreational facilities available to entertain tourists. Some facilities offered include kiteboarding, shuttle services, diving, jet skiing, parasailing, recreational boats, flyboarding, banana boat rides, and more.

The access route to Marjan Beach:

To reach this nice beach in Iran, you must first travel to Kish Island. There are two main routes to this beautiful beach:

Directly fly to Kish Island. Kish International Airport is located approximately in the center of the island, and from there, you can take a taxi or rent a car to get to Marjan Beach in the southeast part of the island.

If you choose a combination of land and sea transportation, you can go to Bandar Abbas by plane, bus, train, or private car. Then, with the help of sea ferries, travel to one of the ports like Lengeh, Aftab, or Charak, and finally reach Kish Island via the maritime route.

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Gisoom Beach

Address: Gilan Province, 15 kilometers south of Talesh County

Gisoom Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Iran and

Gisoom Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Iran and

Gisoom Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Iran and Gilan in Talesh County. Due to its proximity to Gisoom Forest Park, it attracts many tourists. Imagine driving on a dreamy road with trees reaching up to the sky, and suddenly Gisoom Beach appears before you, like a boundary between the forest and the sea, showcasing its charm. It is the prettiest beach in Iran and a popular destination for tourists, especially during the summer and spring seasons, thanks to its recreational, leisure, accommodation, dining, and shopping facilities.

At Gisoom Beach, you can experience various activities such as shuttle rides, boating, swimming, jet skiing, paragliding, and more.

The access route to Gisoom Beach:

To travel to Gisoom, you must follow the Rasht to Astara route. Approximately 23 kilometers after the tunnel, you can enter Gisoom.

The distance from Tehran to Gisoom Beach is about 400 kilometers, and you should allocate 5 to 6 hours to reach Gisoom. Along this route, you’ll pass through Qazvin before reaching Rasht. The distance from Rasht to Gisoom Beach is approximately 85 kilometers.

Bandar Abbas Beach

 Address: Hormozgan Province, Bandar Abbas

the most beautiful beaches in Iran, Bandar Abbas Beach.

the most beautiful beaches in Iran, Bandar Abbas Beach.

In the south of Iran, you can find another one of the most beautiful beaches in Iran, Bandar Abbas Beach. Walking on its soft sands offers a unique experience and sets the stage for kids to play and build sandcastles. The best time to visit Bandar Abbas Beach is during winter when the humidity decreases significantly, and in early December, the water temperature reaches around 24 degrees Celsius (75 degrees Fahrenheit). Thanks to the modern hotels and abundant recreational facilities in this area, some people consider Bandar Abbas Beach one of the best beaches in Iran.

The access route to Bandar Abbas Beach:

To travel to this wonderful beach in Iran, you can use various transportation options such as buses, trains, planes, or your private car to reach Bandar Abbas.

Hengam Island Beaches

Address: Hormozgan Province, 2 kilometers southeast of Qeshm Island, Hengam Island

Hengam Island Beaches

Hengam Island Beaches

Hengam Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Iran, located on Hengam Island, and is considered one of Qeshm’s remarkable attractions. Its silvery shoreline glimmers uniquely, captivating your soul and enchanting you with its beauty. The natural and eye-catching brilliance is as if silver particles have been sprinkled on the sands of this beach. Indeed, the radiance of this precious mineral performs an unparalleled show under the golden sunlight. At certain times of the year, we witness a bluish shimmering strip on the nights of Hengam Beach, resulting from the presence of tiny marine organisms called phytoplankton. These magical creatures transform the nighttime scenery of Hengam Beach into a dreamy blue vision. If one of your travel goals is to see dolphins, Hengam Island can be a suitable destination. Hengam Beach is one of the natural attractions of Iran.

The access route to Hengam Beach:

To reach Hengam Island, you must first go to Qeshm Island. There are two ways to get to Qeshm:

Qeshm Island has an international airport, and you can fly directly to this island.

Travel by plane, train, or bus to Bandar Abbas, then take a sea ferry to Qeshm Island.

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Beris Beach, Chabahar

Address: Sistan and Baluchestan Province, Chabahar City

Beris Beach, located in Sistan and Baluchestan

Beris Beach, located in Sistan and Baluchestan

Beris Beach, located in Sistan and Baluchestan Province, is one of the most beautiful rocky beaches in Iran. This beach is formed by high rocks, rising about 10 meters above sea level. Many tourists visit the edge of these rocks for photography or to witness the most beautiful sea in Iran. When you gaze at the turquoise waters of Beris Beach from the rocks, the small and large boats with different colors create a mesmerizing scene. Traveling to this area also involves meeting and getting acquainted with the warm-hearted people of Beris Port. One thing to remember while visiting Beris is to take care of your and your companions’ safety while taking photos or enjoying the views from the rocks.

The access route to Beris Beach:

To reach Chabahar City, you can use airplanes, buses, trains, or private vehicles. From Chabahar Port, renting a car for a round trip to this beautiful beach is best. However, if you are visiting this pier with your private vehicle, drive about 60 kilometers towards Beris Village from Chabahar to reach Beris Pier.

Kish Island Beaches

Address: Hormozgan Province, Kish Island

kish island- popular tourist destinations

kish island- popular tourist destinations

Kish Island’s beaches are one of the most popular tourist destinations among Iranians, especially among young people. It is located in the south of Iran, in Hormozgan Province, and covers an area of 90 square kilometers. When other regions of Iran are cold and covered in snow, you can dip your toes in the warm white sands of Kish’s beaches or enjoy jet skiing on the turquoise waters of the Persian Gulf. The coastline of Kish is known to be one of the safest beaches in the world. Kish has stunning white sandy beaches perfect for leisurely walks. Diving in the waters around Kish Island is one of the best activities in the world, as the underwater scenery is truly breathtaking. Kish’s beaches offer various water sports such as jet skiing, fishing, paragliding, walking, coral watching, boating, and water skiing, just a few of the famous activities on this island.

The access route to Kish Island’s beaches:

You can fly directly or travel by land to reach the beautiful island of Kish. For the land route, you can take a bus, train, or private car to Bandar Abbas, and from there, you can take a ferry to Kish Island.

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Sisangan Beach

Address: Mazandaran Province, 30 kilometers from Noshahr

Sisangan Beach in Noshahr

Sisangan Beach in Noshahr

One of the most beautiful beaches in Iran and the Caspian Sea is Sisangan Beach in Noshahr. To reach Sisangan Beach, you must traverse a green and dreamy path through the majestic forests of Sisangan. After an exciting forest trek, you’ll arrive at the captivating Caspian Sea beach. Undoubtedly, the blend of the lush greenery of Sisangan Forest with the boundless blue sea will enchant you. You can enjoy water activities like shuttle rides, jet skiing, and boating on this beach. If you’re into go-karting, four-wheelers, or even horseback riding, you can create an extraordinary experience for yourself.

The access route to Sisangan Beach:

There are two routes To reach Sisangan:

First route: Get to Noshahr and head towards Noor city on the coastal road. After traveling about 27 kilometers, you will see Sisangan Forest Park on your right.

Second route: Reach Noor city, and after traveling about 35 kilometers on the Noor-Noshahr road, you’ll spot the entrance sign for Sisangan Forest Park.

The distance from Tehran to Sisangan is about 260 kilometers via the Haraz road and approximately 200 kilometers via the Chalous road, which takes around three to four hours on average.

Chamkhaleh Beach

Address: Gilan Province, Langroud

chamkhale beach- must-visit beaches in Iran

Chamkhale beach- must-visit beaches in Iran

Chamkhaleh Beach has become one of the most tourist-friendly areas in Gilan and is among the highly famous beaches in Iran. Pavilions, restaurants, cafes, hotels, and traditional markets around the beach enhance the pleasure of visiting and staying there. The locals are engaged in agriculture, and purchasing rice and watermelon as souvenirs from Chamkhaleh Beach is highly recommended among the beaches in Iran. There are internationally standard hotels around the beach where you can stay for a few days.

The favorable weather, family-friendly and soul-soothing environment, acceptable recreational facilities, and sparkling clean sea are essential features of Chamkhaleh Beach, which make it one of the must-visit beaches in northern Iran; to the extent that it has been dubbed the “European Beach.”

The access route to Chamkhaleh Beach:

To reach Chamkhaleh Beach, you need to get to Gilan Province. Then, take the Lahijan-Langroud or Rudsar-Langroud road. In Langroud, head towards Saadi Boulevard, then Azadegan Street; continue to Jomhuri Eslami Boulevard until you reach Chamkhaleh, the road leading to Chamkhaleh Beach.

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Khalaj Ramsar Beach

Address: Mazandaran Province, Ramsar

Khalij Ramsar Beach-one of the beautiful beaches in northern Iran

Khalij Ramsar Beach-one of the beautiful beaches in northern Iran

Khalij Ramsar Beach is another one of the beautiful beaches in northern Iran, located in Mazandaran Province. With its beautiful scenery and recreational facilities, it has become one of the favorite Iranian beaches for tourists. Walking on this beach and listening to the sound of the sea evokes a pleasant sense of tranquility. Khalij Ramsar Beach offers various recreational and welfare facilities such as restaurants, hotels, handicraft shops, a beach area, boat rides, cafes, and many other amenities. Spring and summer are the most beautiful and best seasons to travel to this beach.

The access route to Khalij Ramsar Beach:

Start the journey from Tehran to Ramsar on the beautiful Karaj-Chalus road. After passing through Abbasabad, you’ll reach Tonekabon and then Ramsar.

Buses from Tehran to Ramsar depart at various hours from the west terminal and arrive at Ramsar terminal.

 Iran Air is the only airline that operates flights from Tehran to Ramsar.

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