Introducing 5 Best Deserts of Iran for Traveling

If you are tired of repeated trips to the beach, if you also spend your days in crowded and polluted cities and pollution, noise and traffic have become an integral part of your life, we suggest a trip to the deserts of Iran.

The deserts of Iran are one of the most unique tourist areas in Iran. Iran is known as the land of four seasons due to its unique and diverse climate. A large area of ​​the country is covered by deserts in the center and southeast of Iran. It also has specificIran tour guides like Kental Iran travel.

The deserts of Iran are not only areas to avoid the noise and bustle of city life and enjoy peace, but because of the exciting slopes and different routes, they have also considered the best place to enjoy off-road riding and therefore, fewer cars.

You can lie down in the deserts of Iran under the starry night sky and enjoy the coolness of the desert sands. Follow this article to learn more about the best deserts in Iran and find out where to go for a trip to the desert. Kental Iran Travel one of the best Iran tour guides will help you with this task.

Advantages of traveling to the deserts of Iran

Advantages of traveling to the deserts of Iran

Iran’s deserts are popular destinations among tourists from all over the world. Desert travel is one of the trips that have many audiences and enthusiasts, and if we want to look at desert travel and desert travel with a delicate and detailed look, the beauty of the desert has a little charm of summer and spring.

Autumn and winter are the best seasons to travel to the desert, because there is no longer the annoying heat of summer and you can experience the pleasant air in the desert and watch the clear and starry sky of the desert, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

But you will not find the silence that reigns in the deserts of Iran anywhere else. In a silent and blind place, where there is no light, no sound, and we only hear the sound of our heart beating and breathing in the desert.

Iran deserts tour guide

Iran deserts tour guide

The best time to start an adventure in the heart of the desert is the fall season and the two months of March and April. Be careful not to even pack your backpack without knowing the weather of your destination, because for this trip you have to sleep in tents and if you don’t travel in good weather conditions, you will face bad things.

Iran tour guide allows you to be a good guide for your trip to the desert due to sufficient experience in this field and reduce many travel worries for you. Traveling with groups or Iran tour guides will give you the experience of hanging out with a new group of people, which can increase the excitement of traveling for you so that you can travel to the mysterious and legendary land of deserts with peace of mind.

One of these tours is Kental Iran Travel. This tour is one of the best Iran tour guides that will help you find the best deserts in Iran and enjoy them. Kental Iran Travel will be with you in all stages of the trip, from getting a Iran visa to booking the flight and choosing a dessert. So contact us to provide an enjoyable trip for you.

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Location the deserts of Iran

Location the deserts of Iran

In this part we’ll talk about the access route and exact location of the best deserts of iran.

Egypt desert

Maybe when you hear this name, you will remember the deserts of Egypt, if this desert is located in the heart of Iran and near the province of Isfahan!

Egypt’s desert is known as Astronomer’s Paradise and its name is derived from a village with the same name near it. Some people think Egypt desert is actually the best desert of Iran.

The sand and dunes of the Egyptian desert are so beautiful that you will lose sight of its beauty and pleasant view, and the extent of this area is so large that you will never see a repeated view, which is nicknamed the Astronomer’s Paradise and also the

meeting place of lovers of the night star. You can also visit Nizar in Egypt during your trip. The Misr desert is located a kilometer from Khor city in Isfahan province. If you want to travel to this desert just trust kental travel.

Helwan desert, Tabas

Tabas desert is geographically located in South Khorasan province. Tabas desert is a familiar name in the country and we have heard this name since childhood, but the most beautiful part of the Tabas desert is the Helwan desert.

The Helwan desert is located near Tabas village and fortunately has very good access roads.

The Helwan desert has marshes in a wide part of it and salt and clay swamps in its eastern and northern parts. North extensive marshes; South is also in the desert, and in the southeastern regions it is connected with the heights of lovers, that this intersection of mountains and sand has created very beautiful landscapes. In the eastern area of ​​this sandy triangle, the hills have the highest height.

In the southeast of the meeting place of mountains and sand, beautiful valleys and passages have emerged, which may be rare in the country. Also, due to the presence of many mines at these heights, there are suitable dirt roads that make it easy to access and visit this area.

Varzane desert

Varzane desert

You can visualize the Varzaneh desert as a view of liquid gold particles. Varzaneh desert is another beautiful desert in Iran that you will never forget. Varzane dunes are located 100 km from Isfahan and it is different from all the deserts you have ever seen.

The beauties near this beautiful desert are the Cowkhoni Lagoon and Qortan Castle Lagoon, which have a very unique beauty and a habitat of rare birds. And they are specific to this region. Fortunately, there are local houses to stay in this area where you can end your night there. to get more information about desert trips, we suggest you to read guide to deserts of Iran article.

Caracal Desert, Yazd

Caracal Desert, Yazd

Camel riding in the deserts of the Caracal desert of Yazd is a different pleasure and you will experience indescribable peace in the night sky full of stars.

In addition, off-road and motorcycle enthusiasts can experience the excitement on the sands of the desert. It is necessary to know that each of the facilities and entertainment of the desert has a separate fee and if you want to stay in the camps, you have to pay a separate entrance fee to enter the area.

The wild house of Bafqi, who was a famous poet of the 10th century AH, and the Kakamir reservoir with its round brick dome, Tito’s garden, Khan Square, Chaghart iron ore mine, the castle, and the grove of Baqrabad are among the historical and scenic attractions of Bafiq city and are among the most important historical monuments. Yazd is considered to be located near the Caracal Desert.

Caracal desert is a beautiful desert of Yazd province, one of the deserts of Iran, and it is located 10 kilometers northeast of Bafaq city, and access to this desert from the east and southeast of the country is very convenient. The best way to travel to this desert is choosing a good Iran tour guide.

Shahdad desert

Shahdad desert

Shahdad desert of Kerman is a part of the Lut desert in Kerman province. It is interesting to know that during the last two decades, Kulot Shahdad has experienced the highest air temperature in the world and for this reason, it is known in the world. Clots are natural ridges in the heart of the desert, whose highest point has a flat surface, but its slopes are steep.

The flowing sands of Shahdad, along with its tall cliffs, have given the Shahdad desert an eye-catching beauty. Shahdad desert includes volcanic cones, high sand pyramids, wide areas, gray and brown ridges, undulating dunes, and the highest hills in Iran, which attract many tourists.

Shahdad Kerman desert is divided into three parts by the environmental watchdog with green, orange, and red colors. Visiting the green section is not dangerous for visitors, but to visit the red and orange sections, you must enter with a guide so as not to lose your way, because the risk of getting lost in the desert is very serious.

In conclusion, you can trust the experts of Kental Iran Travel for a pleasant and safe trip. Kental Iran Travel has prepared specialized tours for desert tourism for people all over the world so that they can experience a unique trip in the best deserts of Iran. Just trust us and contact us