Best Hospitals in Tehran, Iran

In this article, we intend to introduce you to the best private hospitals in Tehran and provide you with information about top hospitals so that you can visit one of these private hospitals without any worries. As it is clear from the name of private hospitals, these hospitals are run and managed by private sector, and for this reason, they are considered among the best, in terms of facilities, equipment, doctors and treatment staff. Due to the private nature of these hospitals, it should be noted that in terms of cost and price, these hospitals are more expensive compared to public and semi-public hospitals, and but, they provide much better care. We suggest you stay with us until the end of this Kental Travel article so that we can introduce you the best private hospitals in Tehran.

What is a Private Hospital?

The best private hospital in Tehran is a hospital that has special and unique facilities due to its private nature. In this hospital, medical facilities and equipment with the latest and most advanced technologies in the world, along with experienced doctors, nurses and expert and skilled personnel are ready to serve their patients. The remarkable thing about this type of hospitals is that by charging more, they provide better and more appropriate care and they always strive to satisfy their patients, and the only problem with these hospitals is that they are expensive; which of course, does not cause any dissatisfaction with the special services they provide, and all patients who are discharged from private hospitals leave with a satisfied smile and full recovery.

How to Know the Best Private Hospital in Tehran?

There are various criteria  to identify the best private hospital in Tehran, with the help of each of them, you can easily go to the best private hospital in Tehran and receive special treatment. The main reason for identifying the best hospital is that it has doctors and special medical staff so that the treatment result can be achieved in the best way. Therefore, we will describe some of the features of the best private hospital for you:

Best hospitals in Tehran

Best hospitals in Tehran

  • The best private hospital in Tehran is a hospital that brings specialist and sub-specialist doctors to cooperate in all fields of treatment and these doctors must be under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and Medicine and also have the medical registration code.
  • Use modern, advanced and up-to-date equipment, facilities and devices in the treatment of diseases.
  • As much as possible, the hospital has all the medical fields and the said hospital is consisted of various departments.
  • Always be clean.
  • The best private hospital in Tehran is a hospital that is located in a good geographical location and can be easily accessed.

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Parsian Superspeciality Hospital

Parsian Hospital is one of the best private hospitals in Tehran, which established in October 2015 in with a building about 12,500 square meters on 9 floors, and after the accreditation period in 2016, it received first grade evaluation points. This hospital has 202 beds with all medical, specialized and sub-specialized fields ready to operate and serve the patients.

Parsian Superspeciality Hospital consists of general and special inpatient departments, each of these departments has facilities such as double rooms, single rooms and also three beds, and these rooms have amenities such as telephone, internet, furniture, TV and refrigerator.

Another important point regarding the inpatient rooms is that the presence of one person as a companion is allowed to be present in the hospital 24 hours a day after paying all reasonable expenses. Among the features of Parsian Hospital, we can mention the presence of expert doctors with sufficient skills, committed and experienced personnel, training of the patient and companion, a cozy and calm atmosphere for rest, as well as suitable rest facilities such as modern beds.

It should be mentioned that in this hospital, in order to cheer up the patients and relieve their homesickness, it is possible that they can meet their relatives and loved ones with the coordination of the department manager.

Hospital address: Farhang Square, Saadat Abad, Tehran

Resalat Hospital

Resalat Hospital was established in 1979 as a private medical hospital and has a background of more than sixteen years, and its main slogan is to satisfy the hearts of patients and to strive for the recovery and health of their patients as quickly as possible. This hospital has approximately 2000 specialist and sub-specialist doctors and professors of various medical fields with experience and background, along with 550 educated and skilled personnel, as well as 550 personnel of various levels, ready to provide services to their patients.

Resalat Hospital has special facilities in special departments, and these special departments are CCU, General ICU, Open Surgery, Neurology, Orthopedic, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Internal Medicine, Open Surgery ICU. and the emergency department. The doctors working in this hospital are specialized in the fields of newborns, children, heart and anesthesia, as well as emergency doctors are serving and caring for patients.

Resalat Hospital is a member of the International Health Tourism Association and its specialized clinics include Orthopedic Clinic, Urology Clinic, Neurosurgery Clinic, Oncology Clinic, Endocrinology Clinic, Rheumatology Clinic, General Surgery Clinic, Neurology Clinic, Heart Clinic, There are lung clinic, pediatric clinic, ENT clinic, obstetrics and gynecology clinic, psychiatric clinic and infectious disease clinic.

Address of the hospital: Abuzar Ghafari street, the beginning of Seyed Khandan bridge, Resalat highway, Tehran,

Sarem Superspeciality Hospital

Tehran hospitals

Tehran hospitals

Sarem Superspeciality Hospital is a center for the treatment of infertility, very dangerous and high-risk pregnancies, cancers of the female reproductive system, and breast diseases. This hospital is considered to be one of the best private hospitals in Tehran, which is the most equipped super-specialized treatment center for women, childbirth and infertility in the country, as well as a general specialized center (general diseases).

Established by Dr. Saremi, this hospital was created in order to fulfill the wish of his father and grandfather. In 1996, they bought a land with an area of 16,000 square meters, and then from 1996, it was built by engineer Hashim Saremi and engineer Khademi. After the construction of the building in 2015 and all the preparations for it, as well as receiving the permission of the Ministry of Health, this hospital, which is a specialized and super-specialized hospital, has been carrying out its scientific, educational and research activities on five floors until today.

Dr. Abutaleb Sarmi is the founder of IVF in Iran. He has many research records, which include the following:

Franchise owner and manager of the monthly Mashagh Tandorosti, franchise owner and responsible manager of Sarem Superspeciality Hospital monthly magazine, franchise owner and responsible manager of the scientific and research quarterly of Sarem Daneshmeh, researcher, translator, author and reviewer of numerous articles in prestigious international medical journals. He is the only complete reference for the specialized dictionary of gynecology, obstetrics and infertility and the author of the first and only Persian language book on reproductive medicine in the history of medical science in the world (Reproductive Medicine Textbook).

Hospital address: end of phase three, Ekbatan town, Tehran

Gandhi Hospital

Gandhi Hospital in Tehran

Gandhi Hospital in Tehran

Gandhi Hospital was opened in 2017 with the aim of attracting medical tourists. This hospital has a special treatment staff such as internal and external specialists, which is considered to be one of the best private hospitals in Tehran, which does its best to satisfy the heart of the patients.

Gandhi Hospital Hotel includes 17 hospital floors and 21 hotel floors. Also, the treatment capacity of Gandhi Hospital Hotel is very high and has 100 hospital beds and 40 special care beds as well as 17 operating rooms. Many services are provided in this hospital, which include: simple checkup to pain clinic, diabetic care clinic, angioplasty and angiography, skin and hair care and beauty, radiation therapy, oncology and genetic and cellular treatments.

Gandhi Hospital has contracts with most insurance companies, including: All Banks Insurance, Razi Insurance, Iran Insurance, Municipal Insurance, Mihan Insurance, Sinai Insurance, Alborz Insurance, Asia Insurance, Mellat Insurance, Broadcasting Insurance, Islamic Council Insurance, Saman Insurance, Arman Insurance, Kanun Insurance, Ma Insurance, Oil Industry Insurance, Registrar Insurance, Kausar Insurance and SOS Helper.

It should be noted that Gandhi Hospital, contrary to public opinion, was not established to care for the elderly and the main purpose of the establishment is to invite patients who have migrated to Tehran from other countries or from the city. Also, besides the comfortable stay of the patient and his companions, they can also receive medical or clinical services.

Address: building No. 130, on the corner of Tarabande alley, Khaled Stamboli street, South Gandhi street, Tehran

Atiyeh Specialized Hospital

list of Tehran's hospitals

list of Tehran’s hospitals

Atiyeh Private Hospital was founded by Dr. Khalil Alizadeh, an orthopedic and hand surgery specialist, in 1997. This hospital was created to treat patients with orthopedic problems. With the passage of time and the acquisition of more equipment, Atiyeh Hospital was able to provide services in all medical fields in 1999 and continue its extensive activity. Atiyeh Hospital has 12 floors and is located on a land with an area of 4300 square meters and an infrastructure of about 24000.

Atiyeh Hospital is completely private and is continuously monitored by the Ministry of Health, Medicine and Medical Education. All the employees of this hospital, including managers, doctors, nurses, and other hospital employees, etc., consider the improvement of medical services and the satisfaction of patients and clients as their top priority, and they have given all their efforts in order to achieve this goal.

Atiyeh Specialized Hospital is made up of many different departments, including chemotherapy department, neonatal and special care department, obstetrics and gynecology surgery department, surgical special care department, operating rooms, neurology and pediatrics department, and non-patient departments of this hospital include: Dialysis, Angiography, Medical and Pathology Laboratory, Emergency, Econoroleb, Endoscopy, Preoperative Preparation and Paraclinics and Diagnostic Departments.

Atiyeh Specialized Hospital can be considered as one of the best private hospitals in Tehran, because it has contracts with all insurance companies.

Hospital address: Shaheed Dadman intersection, Farahzadi Blvd., Quds town, Tehran

Dey Specialized Hospital

Dey Specialized Hospital is considered as one of the best private hospitals in Tehran, which consists of ten floors and has 200 fixed beds for admitting patients and also 196 active beds in order to help and provide medical services to patients. This hospital is considered one of the first-class public hospitals and one of the largest specialized and super-specialized treatment centers due to the special services they provide for patients.

Dey private hospital has 24 years of brilliant experience and has experienced and committed doctors and treatment staff who operate privately. The clinic departments of the specialized hospital include: orthopedics, urology, eye, lung, gastroenterology, neurology, nutrition, endoscopy, audiometry, laparoscopic surgery, gynecology, general surgery, and plastic surgery. And it should be noted that the starred departments of Dey hospital are: emergency operating room in case of emergency, operating room, beds under emergency supervision, recovery room, delivery room, IDR, labor and chemotherapy dialysis.

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Due to having the most up-to-date facilities, equipment and devices in the world, as well as modern and advanced facilities, the specialized hospital makes a lot of efforts to improve the scientific level and health of the society, and one of the goals of this hospital is to raise the level of specialized care and sub-specialty of patients as well as the increase of medical services with the help of hospital standards and under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and Medicine. It should be noted that this hospital also has the best endocrinologist in Tehran.

Address: corner of Shahid Abbaspour Street, Tavanir St., Vali Asr St., Tehran

Best Tehran clinic hospital

Best Tehran clinic hospital

Ibn Sina Specialized Hospital

Ibn Sina Specialized Hospital is one of the hospitals that used to be a clinic and then expanded into a hospital. This hospital was established in 2008. This hospital has signed special contracts with organizations and industrial production and service companies, as well as with more than 30 complementary treatment companies and the welfare fund of organizations.

Among the advantages and features of Ibn Sina Hospital are the full-time handling of the needs and requests and complaints of all patients, having the best and most diverse food menus in the meals and the presence of the Wellcome Nurse staff in order to serve the patients and their companions from the hospitalization time until the discharge of the patient and finally the presence of specialists and sub-specialists and special treatment staff.

Ibn Sina Private Hospital has a GMP certificate and is a contracting party with European Diseases, which has obtained first place in the field of national accreditation of hospitals in the country. The remarkable thing about Ibn Sina Hospital is that it has been operating as a hospital and clinic for approximately ten years and uses the best treatment staff and doctors in order to satisfy the patients, and on this basis, it is considered as the best private hospital in Tehran.

Ibn Sina Specialized Hospital has several clinics and departments, which include: rheumatology clinic, spine clinic, ear, nose and throat clinic, kidney and urinary tract clinic, plastic and beauty clinic, orthopedist, heart and Vascular, Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic, Nephrology and Neurology Clinic and finally hospital departments including: Emergency Department, Medical Care Department, Inpatient Department, Physiotherapy, Dentistry, Operating Room Department, International Patient Department, IC Department U, daily care section, gynecology block and delivery department, CCU department, laboratory and imaging department, pathobiology department, as well as NICU and newborns department.

Hospital address: First of Ayatollah Kashani Blvd, second square of Sadeghieh, Tehran

Erfan Hospital in Tehran

Iran tops clinic

Erfan Hospital is a private specialty and subspecialty hospital that opened in 2007 with the mission of providing cutting-edge medical care rooted in human values and dignity. This hospital has 180 active beds in rooms with one or two beds as well as intensive care units. It has nine floors and a built-up area of 20,000 square meters on a site that is 4480 square meters. Erfan is one of Iran’s best-equipped hospitals. It was built as a general hospital in accordance with the most recent hospital standards and has well-equipped operating rooms for all specialties and subspecialties. Patients consider this hospital to be the best private hospital in Iran due to the presence of prominent professors, knowledgeable doctors, and dedicated staff.

Special Features of Erfan Hospital Achievement of the Diamond level, the highest level of accreditation, Canada International (ACI) in 2016 Certification by the Ministry of Health to admit international patients Achievement of the excellent first grade based on accreditation by the Ministry of Health for three consecutive years Experienced doctors and dedicated staff.

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