Best Restaurants in Tehran: Explore Menus, Ambiances, Contacts

Tehran restaurants with different atmospheres are suitable places for eating, spending time, and holding parties. Tehran’s restaurants have a lot of variety, and each them receives special attention according to the facilities, type of food, and price range. Some people like cozy and calm environments and some people like happy atmospheres. Some choose traditional and authentic Iranian food, while others choose international food and fast food. It is very difficult to choose a good restaurant in Tehran, where there are many open restaurants and eateries on every street. For this reason, we decided to introduce the best restaurants in Tehran in different parts of this great metropolis by providing an application and make your work easy to choose the best restaurant in Tehran and leisure time.

1. Popcorn Group

Popcorn Group is one of the largest Tehrani companies in the field of food and restaurant industry. The current restaurant(s) are Nakaya, Tahchinbar, Papparoti, Doner Garden, Kenzo, Parkway, and Express. Providing customer service and excellent quality is the priority of this company. Popcorn Group is known for providing the best in the food industry!

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2. Nakaya Restaurant

Nakaya Restaurant as one of the Tehran restaurants

Nakaya is the son of Luxury Popcorn Group and specializes in sushi and Far Eastern cuisine. In addition to its delicious food, Nakaya Restaurant has an attractive and captivating decoration that can make an Asian meal more enjoyable. The chef of this collection is Andy Chang, who created new methods of cooking with his artistic hands. The attractive menu of Nakaya restaurant includes Salad, nigiri, sashimi, designer maki roll, small dishes, noodles, specialty, rice and etc.

Kentaltravel highly recommends this restaurant for the first restaurant visit in Tehran-Iran

If you want to experience sushi for the first time, Nakaya Restaurant is the best place to experience it.

Address: No 21, Aghabozorgi, Freshte St, Tehran-Iran

Tel: 021 7443 8333

3. Shandiz

Shandiz Restaurants

The main goal of Shandiz Jordan restaurant is to create a distinct experience of Iranian cuisine made from lamb and unique Iranian kebabs and to promote the status of Iranian food and traditions among those interested in the international level. Shandiz Jordan Restaurant is an international restaurant that has always hosted many domestic and foreign guests. The unique architecture and interior of this restaurant, along with the special service, is one of the attractions of this complex for foreign tourists. The service in this restaurant is very modern and up-to-date, and you can use this restaurant for family meetings or important business meetings. One of the suggestions in this restaurant can be its shishlik.

Shandiz Jordan Restaurant is a beautiful restaurant with a classic atmosphere and decoration. It is located on Jordan Street in Tehran, It has a capacity of 150 seats in its interior and has facilities such as private parking, restrooms, and Wi-Fi internet. Kentaltravel suggests this restaurant that is one of the best restaurants that offers different types of kebabs with different flavors.

Address: No 44, Saba St, Jordan St, Tehran-Iran

Tel: 021 2205 4848

4. Nayeb Restaurant

the best restaurants in Tehran, Nayeb Restaurant

Naib Restaurant is the oldest and first Chalukbabi restaurant in Iran, which dates back to about 150 years ago. Since then, many branches of Naib have been established, which one is different from the other in terms of management, quality, menu, price, and interior decoration. In the meantime, “Naib Saei” has the honor of serving its customers in an extremely luxurious and five-star environment by maintaining the originality of its cooking and the integrated management that it has today.

The genealogy of Naib’s Chalukbabi goes back to “Haj Ali”, the special cook of Naseruddin Shah and the creator of Chalukbab in Iran.

There are many Naib restaurant branches in Tehran province. Travelers, tourists, and residents of the capital can easily use this restaurant’s quality kebabs, authentic Iranian dishes, desserts, and appetizers in any area of Tehran.

Address: Valiasr St, No. 2220, Tehran-Iran

Tel: 021 8870 7272

5. Swiss Restaurant

Swiss restaurant, best restaurants in Tehran

Swiss Restaurant was founded in 1338 by Mrs. Tahereh Ghahari, the first female hotelier in Iran.

The reason for naming the Swiss Hotel was the Swiss companies and travelers who contracted with the hotel and stayed there. In all the years of its activity, this restaurant has tried to follow the path of its founder and maintain its high standards. Swiss restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in Tehran.

The Swiss restaurant, with its nostalgic and cozy atmosphere, takes you to the atmosphere of old Tehran. The Swiss restaurant gives you a relaxing and fun time with delicious Swiss food. The staff of the Swiss restaurant are people with a long working experience and they are all very kind and friendly.

Dining in a Swiss restaurant is accompanied by soft French music that doubles the enjoyment of food and creates lasting memories for you. The menu of this restaurant includes all sea, meat, and international dishes.

Address: Somaye St, Mousavi St, Tehran-Iran

Tel: 021 8882 8516

6. Moslem Restaurant

Moslem Restaurant

If you are familiar with Tehran Bazaar, you must have heard the name of Moslem restaurant. This authentic Iranian eatery is one of the old restaurants in Tehran Bazaar, which has become one of the attractions of the Panzdeh Khordad area. If you visit Tehran market, try the delicious and original dishes of this restaurant. It can be said that Moslem is the busiest and most popular restaurant in Tehran Bazaar. When you enter the Bazaar, you will see a very long queue with maybe a hundred people standing in it. The food style of this restaurant is traditional and Iranian and it serves lunch and snacks.

Among the most popular dishes of Moslem restaurants, we can mention Kabab Kardi, Bagali Pelo, and Techin with muscle and neck of sheep and chicken, which are very delicious and large.

Address: Tehran Bazaar

Tel: 021 5560 2275

7. Divan Restaurant

Divan Restaurant

Finding a first-class restaurant among the multitude of restaurants in Tehran is not an easy task at all. Tehran’s Divan restaurant is one of those restaurants that, in addition to the quality of the food, also provides you with good architecture and a luxurious atmosphere.

Divan can be considered one of the most luxurious restaurants in Tehran, Iran, and a full-fledged five-star restaurant. On the first visit, you will be attracted to the atmosphere of the restaurant.

Divan is located in the Fereshte area of Tehran. So subconsciously you should expect that you are facing a stylish and expensive restaurant.

A variety of Iranian and international dishes can be seen on the restaurant’s menu, which are prepared by the restaurant’s professional chefs. From the name of the restaurant, it is clear that it is an Iranian restaurant and you should expect to see an atmosphere with an authentic Iranian architectural style as well as Iranian food.

Address: No 24, Freshte St, Tehran-Iran

Tel: 021 2265 3853

8. Alighapoo Restaurant

Alighapoo restaurant in Tehran

The menu of this restaurant includes all kinds of kebabs, meatballs, salmon, and broth. Do not forget the salad table. Another feature of Ali Qapu is live music, which adds a positive vibe to the restaurant’s atmosphere. The food is delicious and the behavior of the waiters is polite. Be sure to reserve a table before going. If you want to experience the atmosphere of old Tehran and enjoy live traditional music along with your food, Aali Qapo restaurant is the best choice. This restaurant has one of the most stylish traditional decorations, and in addition to the usual routine of tables and chairs, it also has beds in the style of old coffee houses, on which customers can rest and enjoy their tea after the meal. The Aali Qapu restaurant in Tehran should be remembered in a way reminiscent of Iranian history and art, which stands out in Vanak Square of Tehran. The first moment you enter this restaurant, you think you have entered a historical museum or stepped into a time tunnel.

Address: Gandi St, Tehran-Iran

Tel: 021 8877 7803

9. Kubaba Restaurant

Kubaba Restaurant in Tehran

Speaking of Mediterranean food, we can mention Kobaba Cafe and Restaurant. Kobaba restaurant is active with three branches in Bamland, Jordan, and Shahrak Gharb in Tehran.

The dishes, the role of olives and olive oil, vegetables, seeds, and grills are bold. Light and different dishes reminiscent climate of the Mediterranean.

Now, if you want to try this type of food, Kubaba restaurant is a very suitable option. A restaurant that uses plants in its interior decoration and its layout brings the Mediterranean atmosphere to life.

Among the different dishes of this restaurant, we can mention its grill types. Lebanese grilled chicken, salmon with pomegranate sauce, shawarma plate, and grilled shrimp with saffron sauce are some of the grills you can choose for the main meal. One of the good and appropriate choices can be the mixed grill, which provides you with all kinds of grills in one container.

Kubaba restaurant is also famous for its breakfast buffet. A very diverse and high-quality buffet of bread, dairy products, fruits, finger foods, desserts, and hot breakfasts. Go to this restaurant for breakfast It will be one of your most memorable breakfasts.

Address: Jordan St, 1st Floor, Golkhaneh, No. 257 Tehran-Iran

Tel: 021 2620 8016

10. Tajmahal Restaurant

If you are a fan of Indian-style food, the Taj Mahal restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Tehran for dinner. In introducing the Taj Mahal restaurant, you should know that this popular Indian restaurant is located on the ground floor and at the entrance of the Taj Mahal Hotel. The capacity of the restaurant is 80 people and it welcomes you for lunch and dinner every day.

Address: Tehran Province, Tehran, Vanak Sq Tehran-Iran

Tel: 021 8803 5444

11. Kasab Restaurant

Kasab Restaurant in Tehran

Turkish Kasab restaurant is one of the best Turkish restaurants in Tehran, whose first branch started operating in December 1996 on Fayazi Street.

If you are looking for one of the luxury restaurants in North Tehran, Kasab Fereshte restaurant can be a good option for you. In Kasab restaurant, Turkish food is made according to the principles and style of Turkish chefs. decor design of this restaurant, an attempt has been made to provide a cozy atmosphere for welcoming customers. The menu of this restaurant has a good variety and all the dishes are prepared using high-quality ingredients.

12. Esfandiar

Esfandiar, a famous restaurant in Tehran

Esfandiar is a famous restaurant in Tehran and it is one of the 5-star restaurants in Tehran that has 2 floors. Esfandiar restaurant has a large hall where classical music is performed. The second floor also has traditional decoration and the sound of traditional music can be heard there. For dinner, food and salads are served as a buffet, and this is one of the most attractive features of Esfandiar restaurant.

Address: Valiasr, Tehran

Tel: 021 8888 6110

13. Milad Tower Revolving Restaurant

Milad Tower Revolving Restaurant

Milad Tower Revolving Restaurant is located at a height of 276 meters from the ground and the special features of this restaurant make its name to be included in the list of the best restaurants in Tehran with a view. In fact, if you are looking for a special restaurant in Tehran, the best choice will be the Milad Tower revolving restaurant. The revolving part of this restaurant rotates 360 degrees every 2 hours to provide the opportunity to watch the scenery. In this restaurant, you can try a variety of seafood, Italian, Iranian and dessert dishes. Also, this restaurant offers a buffet menu for breakfast.

Address: Tehran Province, Tehran, District 2, Milad Tower Rd,

Tel: 021 8862 0358

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14. Azulik

Most beautiful restaurants in Tehran, Azulik

Most people are very interested in outdoor photography, some restaurants and cafes have created an environment so that people can experience photography in these spaces in addition to having fun.

The interior of Azolik restaurant is different than what you have ever seen. The beautiful and special architecture of Azolik restaurant has made it possible for you to record beautiful moments with your loved ones. Most beautiful restaurants in Tehran with excellent service, the interior design is unique. kentaltravel highly recommended the tacos which are better than the grilled fish and chicken.

Address: Tehran, Farmanieh Ave,

Tel: 0919 930 9366