Mount Damavand, Information & Facts

Damavand is close to Tehran city and is in the same province, there is a very short distance from Tehran. You can reach the Legends’ City from the east side of Tehran. Damavand is the city of yellow autumn apples and tall peaks with a lot of waterfalls and water springs. In winter the city is snowy, and in summer it is mild. In spring is verdant and in autumn it has colorful leaves, and as you walk through the Garden Alley you hear the rustle of the leaves underfoot like the music of nature.

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Damavand is a mountain in Mazandaran province, northern Tehran, which is the highest peak in Iran and the highest volcano in Asia and the Middle East. Damavand is located in the central part of the Alborz Mountains, south of Caspian Sea. In country divisions point of view, the mountain is in Amol City, Mazandaran Province. This mountain can be seen from cities like Tehran, Varamin, Qom, and the southern shores of the Caspian Sea when the weather is clean, clear and dust-free. The Damavand Peak is observed from parts of Turkmenistan near the Caspian Sea, the coasts of Chamkhaleh and Kiashahr in Gilan Province, the Natanz Heights in Isfahan Province and parts of South Abhar in Zanjan Province. Mount Damavand was listed as Iran’s first natural monument on July 13, 2008. The mountain has also been classified as a “national natural phenomenon” since 2002 in the number of four most valuable ecologically protected areas.

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Damavand transportation system does not consist bus right now but the current transport duty is only to taxi organization, which have 400 taxis on various ways throughout the city.

On 22 July 2017, the mayor of Damavand announced the launch of Damavand suburban terminal.  On 10 January 2018, the Head of the of Management and Planning Organization of Tehran also informed that Tehran-Pardis and Tehran-Damavand urban train project is a priority.

 Currently Damavand has 2 hospitals: Sevom-e Shaban and Hazrat-e Fateme which is renovating. Sevom-e Shaban Hospital has 62 active beds in an area of 11,000 m2 and 5,600 m2 foundation. Shahid Beheshti University President said 50 more beds should be added. The hospital started in 1992 with 30 beds and has continued its activity in the new building near Jillard neighborhood since 2003. This hospital is now a specialty hospital, with Paraclinical equipments like imaging and endoscopic devices such as CT scan.

Damavand universities are, Islamic Azad University (Damavand Branch), Payam-e Noor University (Damavand Branch), Ershad University, Damavand University of Applied Science and Technology, and School of Agricultures.

Tar Lake is one of the most beautiful freshwater lakes in Iran, located in Damavand city. To get to this beautiful lake we must pass through the Chenar Sharq Region. The Sheik Shebli Tower and the Damavand Grand Mosque are some of the ancient and historical attractions of the city that tourists are very interested to visit them. Tizab Waterfall, Ayeneh Rud Waterfall, Aala Spring Water, the historical Imamzadeh Tombs of the city such as Imamzadeh Abdullah and Kheilollah, Imamzadeh Abdullah and Obaidullah, the historic bathroom of the Darvish Quarter and the beautiful area of the Mesha plain and the Valiran Region are very spectacular and can create interesting memories for tourists coming to this region.