Hormuz’s Red Beach

fear, wonder and peace, and God has exhibited his art on this beautiful island.

All these features have made Hormuz Island a tourist destination for many

people in Iran and in the world.

The red beach is an important, famous tourist attraction on the island,

and it welcomes the passengers with its absolute beauty.

The red beach is one of the attractions on Hormuz Island.

Where is Hormuz’s Red Beach?

Hormozgan Province includes many islands, and Hormuz Island is one of them.

The strategic, important island with a 42 km2 area, located in the middle

of the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz.

Hormuz Island, with its natural, historical, and artistic attractions,

is one of the most popular tourist spots in the country and the most

charming attraction in Hormozgan Province.

Hormuz Island’s natural and unique characteristics have made it to the

beautiful gem of the Middle East.

This island has seen a long, tumultuous geological history

sothat today it can charm with its absolute beauty.

Hormuz Island is a haven to geologists and has many wonders within.

The earth of Hormuz Island is covered with sedimentary, volcanic, and salt layers.

This island, with its colorful and unique mountains, attracts every tourist.

The small size of the island and its numerous natural attractions allow

visitors to have a productive nature tour in a short time.

Hormuz Island’s beaches doesn’t have any special amenities.

Walking barefoot and admiring the unparalleled sight of the waves

onthe beach will be so exciting.

The beach’s soil is more beautiful in the morning, and the sun’s

angle of its rays makes the soil shine.

The reason of the shining soil in Hormoz Island is the presence of

igneous, mica, and silica minerals.

These elements are the result of volcanic activities, and they shine like glitter in the sunlight.

Why is Hormuz Island’s Beach Red?

The soil of Hormuz Island is rich in various minerals, each has a color, and their

combination has created a wide, and tangible color spectrum.

This color diversity gets attention onthe whole island.

The color of red beach’s soil is the result of the composition of

various minerals and the strong presence of iron oxide.

The Reason for Red Color of Hormuz’ Beach

It is said that iron oxide is in 70% of the red beach’s soil.

Magnetite, hematite and Oligiste have iron oxide in their composition

and they are found prominently on the island.

Another famous rock stone in Hormuz, is a golden metal stone called”Pyrite”.

The stone is also known as “Devil’s Eye” and “Fool’s Gold” and

has a high percentage of iron sulfide in its composition.

Is Hormuz’s soil edible?

The interesting fact about the red soil is that it is edible.

Tourists can taste some of it as they walk along the beach.

“Gelack” or “delack” is the local name of this edible red soil.

The locals use it as a spice in their cuisine, such as bread, pickle, jams, etc.

It gives a special taste to the food.

Features of Hormuz Red Soil

Not long past, the valuable red soil of Hormuz was widely exported;

there are unique powerful pigments in this soil, so it was even used in

the paint industry.

It is used in the manufacture of cosmetics, paper, plastic, rust-proof,

ceramics, industrial micronized powders, cement, tile, pottery, and glass.

Indeed, Hormuz soil is a valuable mine for the country’s economy.

The Price of Hormuz’s Red Soil

Hormuz’s red soil mine, after Spain’s, has the best quality of this mineral

in the world and has a great economic value, and its price has been affected by it.

Profiteers are greedy for this soil and try to auction it in different ways.

A search in foreign websites shows that the price of this soil is around $650.