How many days are enough to travel to Iran?

How many days are enough to travel to Iran?

Iran is a country that, thanks to its four-seasoned nature, a wide area from the Caspian Sea to the Persian Gulf, a unique history and the coexistence of different ethnic groups, is full of historical and natural tourist attractions. Therefore, it may take months to visit all the tourist attractions of this country. Considering the need to manage the time of foreign tourists and control their expenses, Kental Travel agency offers you a two-week tour package to visit the most important tourist attractions of Iran

Arrival in Tehran

How many days are enough to travel to Iran?

At the beginning of your arrival in Iran, you can enter Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran by air and stay in this city for 3 days. Tehran is one of the most populated cities in the world, the largest city and capital of Iran is located at the foot of the Alborz mountain range. In this city, you can visit various tourist attractions, such as good theaters, various parks, and thousands of different attractive resorts. This lovely city, in the midst of all the hustle and bustle, has many beautiful historical houses in its heart, and by listening to the stories of each of them, you can discover the beautiful history of Tehran.

Go from Tehran to Kashan

After sightseeing in Tehran and getting familiar with Iranian culture and customs, the next historical destination is the city of Kashan, 3 hours away from Tehran. Kental Travel offers a two-day stay in this city. Kashan is one of the most beautiful cities in Iran, which has always been named in the history of our country. We consider Kashan to be the city of pure Iranian rosewater, the city of religion and virtue, the city of historical houses, the first human habitat, and the capital of carpets and rugs. This combination of attractions will surely guide you to one of the most special and interesting destinations in Iran. According to the historical documents available, Kashan was the first settlement and urban settlement on the planet, examples of which can be found in the Sialk civilization. By visiting Sialk Hill as the most important ancient site of Iran in Kashan tour, you can see many traces of Aryan civilization and life of that era.

Travel from Kashan to Isfahan

Isfahan, in the heart of the persian plateau, is like a turquoise gem in a precious ring. Isfahan is called the cradle of art and the city of turquoise tiles. Although the beauties of Isfahan are outnumbered, our recommendation at Kental Travel is a 3-day stay in this city. If we want to have a general classification of the sights of Isfahan, we must divide the tourist attractions of this beautiful city and province into historical and cultural attractions. Minarjanban, Naqsh Jahan Square, SiosePol Bridge, Chehel Sotun Palace, Vank Church and Aali Qapu are among the most famous tourist attractions in Isfahan. But if we look at Isfahan from a cultural point of view, you should know that this city is the cradle of traditional Iranian arts such as inlaying, enameling, tiling, penmanship, miniatures, stonework and plastering.

Isfahan is one of the few cities in Iran and the world, whose markets are considered among the tourist attractions of the city. Isfahan bazaar, Qaisarieh bazaar, Shahi bazaar, Bidabad bazaar, Risman bazaar, Ghaz bazaar and the markets around Naqshjahan square, including the copper bazaar, the art bazaar, , the hatters bazaar, the loaves bazaar and the blacksmiths bazaar are among the most important traditional and scenic markets of Isfahan. .

Go by plane from Isfahan to Shiraz

After Isfahan, the most charming city for visiting and tourism is Shiraz. Due to the long distance between these two cities (about 7 hours by car), our suggestion at Kental Travel is to fly from Isfahan to Shiraz so that you can save your time. You can stay in this city for three days. Shiraz is the bride of Iranian cities. With a pleasant climate, extremely warm and friendly people with a sweet and historical old accent, Shiraz lacks nothing to be the best. This city is temperate and this air moderation has not only affected the heart of its fertile lands, but also made the hearts of the city’s people warm and generous. Needless to say, the city is surrounded by relatively high mountains, which add to the beauty of the city’s nature. Shiraz is the city of sweets and spirits, from beetroot and nasturtium to the best herbal medicines. The vast gardens and fertile pastures of Shiraz have left the people of this city free to have the best perfumes of the country. But beautiful Shiraz is not only famous for what it has in nature. This ancient city has been the capital of several periods of Iran’s history. The famous Achaemenid dynasty enriched Shiraz with its masterpieces, and since then this city, if not the capital of the country, has at least been one of the most pleasant cities in Iran for visiting kings and courtiers. From Persepolis with the Gate of Nations, 30,000 clay disks and its 72-pillared palace, Naqsh Rostam and the tomb of Cyrus to the bazaar and the citadel and the Vakil Mosque in the Zandiyeh period, Shiraz is more enjoyable to watch.

After Shiraz, the turn comes to Bandar Abbas and the beautiful islands of the Persian Gulf

Bandar Abbas is the capital of Hormozgan province and is considered one of the largest cities of this province. Bandar Abbas is known for having warm and hospitable people, and therefore we intend to describe the travel guide to Bandar Abbas. Our suggestion is to stay in this city for two days and then travel to the islands of Qeshm, Hormoz and Kish.

By choosing the best time to travel to Bandar Abbas, good weather conditions and discounts, you can make a pleasant trip to the largest southern city of Iran. One of the best reasons to visit Bandar Abbas is the beautiful beaches of the Persian Gulf, which shine like diamonds in this beach city. In addition to traveling to Bandar Abbas and benefiting from the best Bandar Abbas beach, you can also enjoy the sights of this city, which are not few.

Also Qeshm is the largest island of Iran. This island is located in the Strait of Hormuz. Qeshm is adjacent to the city of Bandar Abbas, Khom Bandar, Lark Island, Hengam Island, Small Tonb and Big Tonb. A large area, climate diversity and special natural phenomena are the characteristics of Qeshm. The highest temperature recorded in Qeshm was 46 degrees Celsius and the lowest temperature was 16 degrees Celsius.

Qeshm weather is hot and humid most of the year. The high air temperature and direct sunlight of Qeshm will make you tan on your trip to the Island. If you are hot, don’t go to Qeshm in summer and late spring. Instead, the weather in Qeshm is great in autumn and winter, and you can walk around the island with just one shirt.

Maybe you want to go to Kish after sightseeing in Qeshm. It’s a very good idea, but how do you go about it? There is no direct way to travel by sea from Qeshm to Kish. If you have decided to experience such a trip, a multi-stage cruise awaits you. First, you have to go to Laft Bandar pier on a cruise or go to Bandar Lenge from Bandar Abbas. Then you have to go to Kish by boat.

In autumn and winter, the conditions for traveling to the island are perfect. The weather in Kish in these two seasons, especially in the months of December, January, February and March, is very pleasant and nice and has a pleasant coolness. Many tourists choose these two seasons to travel to Kish and enjoy its wonderful weather. But you should note that due to favorable weather conditions, the island is crowded and full of tourists in these two seasons. Also, because of the good seasonal auctions in spring and winter, many people choose this time to go to Kish and the costs may be a little high.

The important thing about the best season to travel to Kish is that the weather in Kish is cool in early spring, and besides, the beauty of this season multiplies the island’s charm. So if you decide to visit this island in early spring, you are not wrong.

In the end, you can either extend your visa and enjoy other attractions of Iran or you leave Iran through Kish International Airport.