Iran medical tourism vs Turkey


Iran medical tourism vs Turkey

Medical tourism is considered a win-win situation for both the host country and foreign patients, as foreign patients receive affordable yet high-quality treatment services, while the country gains substantial foreign exchange.

In this article our guides of medical tourism at Kental Travel are going to have a comparison between Iran medical tourism vs Turkey.

Iran medical tourism vs Turkey


Health Tourism is a major industry in Turkey. As well as high-quality medical facilities, medical tourists can take advantage of thermal spas and health care programs that include five-star hotel accommodations.

Turkey is recognized as one of the top 10 most popular  medical tourism destinations in the world. It has three main advantages:

Low cost, high quality care and rapid access to first-class medical care.

Treatment costs in Turkey are 70-90% cheaper than in Europe, North America and the UK, so patients save money compared to other countries.

Investments worth billions of dollars have brought Turkey’s medical services to an excellent level.

With its own infrastructure facilities, world-class medical services, skilled and experienced medical staff, cost advantages, accreditation, and government support, it has made a significant contribution to global tourism.

It offers the advantages of geographical location, high level of tourism management and favorable climate.

The most popular treatments in Turkey among international patients include general and cosmetic dentistry, bariatric surgery, kidney dialysis, stem cell and organ transplantation, psoriasis treatment, hair transplantation, orthopedic trauma treatment, tumor treatment and infertility, cosmetic surgery and neuropathy

Turkish medical institutions employ board-certified staff, and more than 35% of his doctors are trained in Western countries. More than 70 countries have access to Turkey visa-free entry, which is a big advantage for patients from abroad. More than 70 countries can travel to Turkey without a visa.

Many hospitals partner with Western medical groups and institutions, JCI, JACHO, ISO, and regional and international accreditation bodies.

Turkey’s best hospitals employ English-speaking medical professionals certified by the Turkish Medical Association, as well as members of organizations that deal with their specialties.

Turkey provides cheap surgeries such as IVF, cyberknife for cancer treatment, heart surgery, orthopedic surgery without waiting time.

Turkey is also unique among other clinical travel industry as the majority of clinics focus on treating patients from all over the world by offering language support.

As general labor costs in Turkey are lower than in Europe, cosmetic surgery can be offered very cheaply in Turkey. Therefore, professional services from experienced plastic surgeons are available at low prices.


Medical tourism is a new term that refers to people traveling to other countries for medical/cosmetic treatments that are not available in their home country, or are essentially too expensive, thus people seek other countries to seek these types of medical care.

Iran is famous for its amazing historical and natural attractions and rich cultural heritage in West Asia. You won’t want to leave the country until you’ve visited beautiful destinations and experienced new adventures. Iran’s primary health care system has been rated as ‘excellent’ by UNICEF. The Ministry of Health and Medical Education (MOHME) operates general and specialized hospitals throughout Iran.

The highest level of medical technology, high-tech medicine, diverse specializations, super affordable procedures, and finally the hospitable people are considered Iran’s winner card when it comes to medical tourism. In addition to its diverse tourist attractions, many medical tourists choose Iran not only for its skilled surgeons and specialists, but also because the cost of treatments is very low due to exchange rate fluctuations.

Iranian surgeons and specialists have always been among the best in the world of medicine. Not only are they the best because they are all board certified, but they are also more experienced in the number of cosmetic surgeries they perform compared to their western competitors.

Statistics show that rhinoplasty is performed seven times more often in Iran than in the United States, with more than 150,000 operations per year. Enough to make Iran the world capital of rhinoplasty. A success rate of over 90% shows that Iranian surgeons are highly professional in this field due to their wealth of experience and operations.

These days, many plastic surgery tourists combine medical travel with visits to new adventure locations before and after surgery. The cost of plastic surgery in Iran is much cheaper than in Western countries. For example, liposuction in Iran costs from $3,000, while in the US it costs about $13,000 and in the UK about £8,000.

All hospitals and medical facilities in Iran are standardized with the latest and most advanced equipment to serve international clients and proudly provide services that meet expectations. All hospitals in Iran where plastic and internal surgery are performed, employ the best assistants who are fluent in English and other languages ​​for the convenience of their clients.

You can get your favorite cosmetic surgery in Iran. One day you will thank yourself for making the best decision. It’s definitely medically and economically correct and smart!