Iran Tour Packages From Dubai

To travel to Iran, you can enter one of Iran’s international airports by plane from one of the neighboring countries such as Turkey, UAE, Iraq or Qatar. To travel to Iran from Dubai, you can enter one of these international airports through Emirates Airlines or Fly Dubai and start your journey from there: Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran, Isfahan Airport, Shiraz Airport and Mashhad Airport. The distance between Tehran and Dubai is 744 miles or 1197 kilometers. And the time interval between Tehran and Dubai is 2 hours and 10 minutes. Kental, Iran travel agency, can get your e-visa as soon as possible.

How to Start the Journey Inside Iran?

If you are a traveler, you can guess the answer to this question in your mind with a short calculation. The price of the domestic travel tour of Kantal Travel agency depends on the vehicle you choose for the trip.

The plane that departs for air tours from the origin of entry to different cities of Iran is very comfortable and you will reach your desired city faster, although the price is a little more expensive than traveling by bus or train.

Kental Travel’s tour of Iran by train does not need introduction. A comfortable and good tour at a reasonable price and you can be accompanied by friends and acquaintances in a wagon.

When you travel by bus from the origin, the price is almost cheaper than other vehicles, which makes you have the cheapest domestic tour. But you should know that you have to travel for a long time from the origin of your movement to the desired city.

But where should we travel in Iran?

The four-season and beautiful land of Iran, with countless attractions and vast expanses, is an opportunity to design and plan internal tours of Iran for all cities and different places. Kental Travel’s internal tours department has provided diverse and extensive tours for various routes.

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Internal tour which is held with professional tour guides or tour leaders. Iran is full of beauty and various attractions, which we will mention below:

Qeshm domestic tour visiting the attractions of Seven Wonders Island in the south of the country is one of our different and adventurous tours called Qeshm tour. A tour of Chabahar in the southeast corner of the country and the pleasure of visiting the ocean beaches of Chabahar and the Indian Ocean will be memorable for you. On the Bandar Abbas-Qeshm tour, you’ll stay in Bandar Abbas and go to Qeshm on a one-day cruise and back to Bandar Abbas in the same day. Bushehr tour goes to Lian port and visits the attractions of this Achaemenid port. Khuzestan tour or Shush tour, Ahvaz tour and Abadan tour will go to the land of Elamites to introduce you to the Apadana Palace of Shush and Chaghazanbil Ziggurat.

Iran tour packages from Dubai

Iran tour packages from Dubai

Shiraz tour, which has its own mood and accompanies you with the tour of Persepolis and Pasargadae, and you can also participate in the tour of Pasargad and enjoy all the sights of Shiraz.

And we will go a little further in Kerman to join the Kerman tour to visit Klot Shahdad desert or Bam tour, Maymand tour and Rayen tour. And we continue to tour Iran with Kantal Travel’s Yazd tour, Yazd tour is of course very attractive and seeing it has its own place in every family’s tour program, and in this tour we can see Fahadan neighborhood and Yazd fire temple.

Iran tour from Dubai

Our journey in Iran tour does not end with these tours and if we want to use different domestic tours in a few weeks, we have plans for you in Kental Travel tour: Isfahan tour with visiting the attractions of Naqsh Jahan Square, Isfahan Jame Mosque, Chaharbagh Abbasi is an attractive tour for itself. In domestic tours, the Kashan tour of the seven-thousand-year-old city with countless sights is an opportunity. With the Tabriz tour in the northwest of Iran, you travel to the city of “The firsts” and it includes the Kandovan tour and the Jolfa tour, the Sarein tour of Ardabil goes to the slopes of Sablan mountain so that you can enjoy the good weather in the Serain villa. In Gilan-Astara Tour you are staying at Espinas Astara Hotel and it will make an amazing trip for you.

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In Hiran & Bakhtiari nomads tour of Shahrekord and Koohrang you’ll go to the heart of nomadic tribes and it introduces you to the mood of nomads in this tour. The Alisadr Cave tour goes to the west of Iran to take you to the depths of the Alisadr Cave by boat. Along with the Kermanshah tour, the Kurdistan Oraman & Marivan tour takes you to the heart of nature to take you to the land of Oraman and introduce you to the mood of the Kurds. Experience the Black Church in Makoo and the Church of Nane Maryam, which is the remnant of a fire temple two thousand years ago.

Yes, Iran has so many attractions and sights that we will not end up visiting and seeing, and now imagine that these tours are planned by a tour guide and after years of experience, it has been formed so that we don’t go down the wrong road and your time is not lost. Although it is good to see beautiful Iran without a tour, it is not possible to see everything professionally and perfectly.