Iran Visa for Chinese Citizens

Due to the good relations between China and Iran, many tourists from China enter Iran every year, and Chinese nationals travel to Iran with various purposes. Get to know how to get an Iran visa. It is suggested that you stay with us until the end of the article so that all your questions will be answered.


Iran visa for Chinese nationals

In order to enter Iran, Chinese nationals must first obtain a visa for this country. For traveling to Iran, the person must obtain a visa according to the local regulations, for example, a person who intends to study in Iranian universities must get the study visa of this country, the people who want to travel to Iran to see the tourist attractions should get the tourist visa of Iran, also the people who are going to travel for business should get the business visa of Iran and go to Iran with that visa to travel, if a Chinese citizen has a relationship with you, he can travel to this country by receiving a family visa in Iran. Another type of Iran visa for Chinese citizens is the visa related to political persons and the transit visa in the country.

Iran Visa Procedures for Chinese Citizens

A Chinese citizen applying for an Iran visa must go through the following steps:

  • Completing the visa registration form
  • Receive the appointment of the embassy
  • Visa and passport pickup

In the first stage, the person must complete the Iran visa registration form and send it to the email address of the Iranian embassy or consulate. In possession of the declared documents, go to the Iranian consulate in China and submit your documents.

In the next step, fingerprints are taken from the applicant, and in the last step, the documents are sent for pickup, which means that after sending the visa and passport to the embassy, ​​they are attached.

Iran Tourist Visa Requirements for Chinese Citizens

Iran Tourist Visa Requirements for Chinese Citizens

Iran Tourist Visa Requirements for Chinese Citizens

  • Providing the applicant’s passport with a validity of at least six months
  • Proof of the applicant’s financial ability (providing property documents and legal slips)
  • Providing the original and scan of the identification documents of the applicant
  • Providing image of the first page of the passport
  • Submission of the invitation letter of the applicant (if there is no invitation letter, the person is required to submit the hotel reservation documents)

It should be noted that the applicant must be careful enough in completing his documents, if a mistake occurs, the consequences will be borne by the applicant.

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After receiving the Iran visa, the applicant from China is obliged to travel to Iran within the deadline specified in the visa and leave Iran after the expiry of his visa. If the applicant wants to stay in Iran for a longer period of time, he is obliged to extend his visa. You can apply for the extension of visa by visiting the office of foreign nationals police in the cities of Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad, Tehran and Tabriz.

Iran tourist visa for Chinese citizens

Iran tourist visa for Chinese citizens

Documents required for Iran visa extension for Chinese nationals

  • Providing copies of all passport pages
  • Provision of initial visa for entering Iran
  • Two personal photos
  • Submission of visa extension request form
  • Arrival stamp
  • The cost of Iran visa extension is about 350,000 Rials

In this section, we will discuss points regarding obtaining a visa for Chinese citizens:

    China is one of the countries whose citizens can get an airport visa at the Iranian airport. (VOA visa)

  • The applicant must appear in person at the embassy.
  • Women’s personal photo should be with full hijab, i.e. with a scarf or mask.
  • The presence of children under the age of six is ​​not required at the embassy.
  • If the applicant is under 18 years of age, he must submit a certificate of his parents’ permission along with other documents to the embassy.

Iran has embassies in major cities such as Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and some other cities, and visa applicants who are Chinese nationals no longer need to go to Iran, but can apply for a visa through the Iranian embassy in Beijing.