Khoresh Mast Dessert

Khoresh Mast Dessert

Khoresh Mast Dessert is one of the most popular desserts in Isfahan known as a traditional and aristocratic dessert. The appearance of the Khoresh is much different from the other dishes.

In this dessert, eggs, yogurt, orange peel, chicken, saffron, barberry, turmeric and sugar are used, and it has a mix sour and sweet taste and it is yellow.

It is Isfahan’s traditional food. It is made from minced yogurt, lamb’s neck meat, saffron, sugar, and egg yolk, and can be decorated with some apricot, almond, or walnut, and sometimes rose. This dish is served cold. This elastic, helim-like food is now consumed as a dessert.

The dish is usually prepared with lamb neck meat, but some use chicken. Some also cook it in Indian style and add salt and pepper, no sugar or rose.

There is little information about the history of Khoresh Mast, but it is at least more than a century that has been seen at Isfahan luxury and large parties. The meat is sauted with oil, fried onion and salt. In addition, spices such as dissolved saffron, salt, pepper, cumin and coriander are added. Then it’s stirred until it is smooth and after a few boiling add meat and mix it. After adding yogurt, the Khoresh should not be boiled, and as soon as the yogurt is warm, it is done.

  • How to prepare Khoresh Mast

To prepare Isfahan Khoresh Mast, first fill a suitable pot of water and put it on heat; Then after peeling the onion, cut it in half and add it to the pot. Then add the neck meat with a little turmeric and let it cook completely on high heat.

After cooking the meat, remove the heat and take out the meat. Carefully remove the bones in the meat, then put the meat into a suitable container (preferably a copper dish).

This is the most important step and should be done perfectly. At this point, you have to beat the meat until it turns white. If you do this well your Khoresh will become elastic and cohesive.

In the next step, select a proper pot and pour full-fat yogurt and sugar into it. Mix the ingredients well then put the pot on low heat and stir continuously until the yogurt bubbles and is close to boiling.

After the yogurt is boiled, add the meat to the pot and continue stirring until it gets smooth. Once the meat is mixed well with other ingredients, add walnut, sliced almond, brewed saffron, rose water, and some salt.

Stir for a few more minutes until they are consolidated and then remove from the heat and drag them into the dish you want to serve in. Decorate your Khoresh with pistachio and barberry and put it in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours and then serve it.

Another interesting point about our Khoresh is that it is served cold, unlike other famous Iranian dishes.