Gaz is one of the traditional and sweet snacks in Iran, made in Isfahan. Gaz is made of sugar, egg white, almond and pistachio nuts, cardamom, hazelnut, and rose water.

Unfortunately, there is no accurate record to the history of Gaz production.

Cooking Gaz in aboriginal Isfahan

The way of production and the history of Isfahan’s Gaz in a hundred years ago, has been to put the liquid Gaz into a copper pot with maximum 20 kilograms capacity and the Gaz maker person put wooden paddle on his foot and hit the material, and this takes hours and included lots of fatigue.

At that time, the original substance was the same as Manna (gazangabin), and no one had yet learned about glucose which was an imported product. Meanwhile, due to the situation in that period and the lack of widespread commercial consumption in those years, Gaz production was very limited.

There are more reliable quotations, of course; which Gaz was originated and dates back to Qajar era. According to Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar’s era, Gaz was exported to other countries and was usually one of the sweets that was given as gifts to kings of other countries.

How to make Gaz

Step 1

We first pour the water and sugar into a proper pot, then put the pot on a mild heat and let the sugar dissolve completely. Then add glucose to the pot.

Step 2

After adding glucose, we need to continuously stir the fluid to make the contexture smooth and elastic. At the same time, we pour the egg whites into a clean dry bowl and beat them with high speed mixer till stiff.

Step 3

The egg whites must be fully formed, so that when the bowl is returned it does not spill out. Then we add rose water to the egg whites and stir them just to be mixed.

Step 4

when the mixture of water, sugar and glucose becomes like a candy, we add two ladles of it to the egg white bowl and mix the ingredients to make them even, then add all the ingredients to the pot.

Step 5

Now we mix the ingredients in the pot with a mixer for 2 minutes so they’re completely homogenous, then using a wooden spoon, we have to mix the ingredients slowly so the Gaz fabric is completely even and cohesive.

Step 6

The mixture must be stirred for about 60 to 90 minutes on heat. After the fluid is completely elastic and slightly hardened, we add the pistachio to the pot and remove it from the heat. Now we combine the material as much as it’s blended with the pistachio.

Step 7

In this stage, fill the bottom of a mold with flour and put the fluid in it evenly. Let it chill well, then pour some flour on the yeast and put the mold into the refrigerator.

Step 8

After 2 hours, take the mold out, then bring out the Gaz and put it on a surface covered with flour. Afterward, cut the Gaz in any shape you like and dip it in flour and then assemble it in a container.