Padidare Khazar Hotel Rudsar

Padidare Khazar Hotel Rudsar

Gilan province is one of the popular tourist destinations in Iran, and thanks to its wonderful weather, pristine spectacular nature, and numerous attractions, it will never make a repetitive trip. Gilan tourist attractions include a wide range of natural and historical sites, summer highland villages, museums, Imamzadehs, etc., and therefore, there are various options in front of you when traveling to this region.

If you choose Gilan region, known as the paradise of Iran, as your travel destination, 4-star Padidare Khazar Hotel is one of the best options for your stay. Padidare Khazar Hotel in Rudsar is a 5-story hotel located on Caspian Sea’s beautiful coastline, in front of the dense forests of Gilan. The surrounding area of the hotel and its greenery is suitable for walking, enjoying the fresh air, and the beautiful sea view. This hotel has 25 accommodation units including rooms, duplex villas and well-equipped suites; adequate facilities and amenities of these accommodation units in Padidare Khazar Hotel will be your worthy host in the paradise of Iran. Most of the rooms and all the villas have sea view. Seeing the pictures of Padidare Khazar Hotel, will tempt you to experience staying at it at least once.

In the accommodation units of this hotel, many amenities are provided for guests to have a peaceful time.

Among the most important facilities of Padidare Khazar Hotel, we can mention restaurant, coffee shop, split AC in rooms, car rental, laundry service, parking, etc. The beautiful restaurant of the hotel with Iranian and foreign menu offers great dished to the guests. A variety of Iranian and foreign dishes are served in the luxurious restaurant of this hotel.

The coffee shop of Padidare Khazar Hotel also offers a variety of desserts and hot and cold drinks. The complex has plans for your free time as well; you can use the hotel’s entertainments such as billiards and have fun.

The location of Padidare Khazar Hotel is easily accessible. Going to the shores of Hasan Sara in Rudsar, you will see this hotel, whose sea view attracts every attention. Gilan verdant province, with its generous nature, has many natural and historical attractions that you can undoubtedly unwind and recharge your batteries from daily life fatigue. By staying at Padidare Khazar Hotel, you will have easy access to the most popular sights of Rudsar, such as Javaher Dasht Village, Milash Waterfall, Hasan Sara Village, Damkesh Spring, and Rudsar City Hall. Since Rudsar has a short distance from Ramsar, we suggest you to devote some of your time to sightseeing in this city and visit Ramsar’s tourist attractions as well.

The Address of Padidare Khazar Apartment Hotel

Coastal Blvd, 30 km from Ramsar (5 km from Rudsar), Hasan Sara, Rudsar, Gilan

Facilities of Padidare Khazar Hotel

Elevator – car rental – high speed internet – indoor parking – taxi service – air conditioning – laundry service – traditional restaurant

Amenities of Padidare Khazar Hotel Rooms

Spilt AC – Wi-Fi – practical balcony- LCD TV – bathroom – shower – sitting toilet – heating – refrigerator

The Distance Between Important Places and Padidare Khazar Apartment Hotel

The distance to the airport is 88 km, equal to 01:33 minutes by car or 15:45 on foot

The distance to the bus terminus is 16 km, equal to 00:16 minutes by car or 01:40 on foot.

The distance to the sea is 1 km, equal to 00:02 minutes by car or 00:06 on foot

Tourist Attractions around Padidare Khazar Hotel Rudsar

Chak Rud Pass, Rudsar Historic City Hall, Rudsar Damkesh Spring, Rudsar Tamijan Brick Bridge, Ramdasht Beach, Javaher Dasht Village and Milash Waterfall. You can easily visit and enjoy these tourist attractions by staying at Padidare Khazar Hotel.