Price of plastic surgery in Iran

Price of plastic surgery in Iran

To know the cost of facial plastic surgery, you must first know which areas and parts of your face will need plastic and cosmetic surgery. In this article, Kental Travel Guides on medical tourism want to give you information about the cost of various beauty procedures. In order to know which parts of your face should be operated on, you should visit a certified and trusted cosmetic surgeon to find out which parts of your face will look more beautiful with his advice. Also, the surgeon will tell you which parts of your face are without the need for cosmetic surgery and will discourage you from surgery.

Price of plastic surgery in Iran

Today, cosmetic procedures are performed at different ages. Middle-aged and old people are also among the applicants for these surgeries who have skin laxity or sagging in different parts of their body due to old age.

These surgeries include: plastic surgeries of all parts of the body, full face lifts, including neck, forehead and face contouring, as well as around the eyes, lip prosthesis with gel injection, eyelid surgery, ear repair (mischievous ear). removal of under-eye hollows, upper and lower jaw surgery, shortening and narrowing of the chin bone, as well as the creation of lip dimples and cheek and chin dimples, liposuction of the navel, abdomen and sides, surgery and breast prosthesis in women and face lift Breast, lipomatic or body sculpting, nose surgery, jaw and cheek prosthesis. Skin plastic surgery in the breast area. Hair transplantation and skin microdermabrasion, Botox injection to the forehead to prevent and remove wrinkles, as well as its injection to the armpits to reduce sweating from the armpits, lipolysis of various organs such as thighs, hips and sides, to remove swelling under The eyes, which are known for skin bags under the eyes, slimming the face in chubby people, performing cat eye surgery and creating wrinkles behind the eyelids, lifting the skin around the eyes, forehead and eyebrows, which is called browlift. and lastly, they are to fix crooked smile or crooked mouth as well as lift lips due to drooping.

The high statistics of cosmetic surgery in Iran has made the name of Iran one of the most famous countries in this regard. People’s interest in cosmetic and plastic surgery is more than that of some European countries.

What is Iran’s rank in cosmetic surgery in the world?

According to the report of the International Association of Plastic Surgery, in 2013, the total number of cosmetic procedures reached 175 thousand cases. However, in 2016, this amount decreased to 151 thousand cases.

In 2013, Iran ranked eighth in the world after Brazil, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, and Italy with about 57,000 facial operations, and it ranked seventh in the world in terms of surgery.

Features of the best plastic surgeon

  • When you are looking for the best plastic surgery specialist, you should make sure that the plastic surgeon you choose has extensive and successful experience in the field of cosmetic surgery.
  • Patients should be careful that the best plastic surgery specialist is a person who adheres to ethical principles.
  • You should note that the plastic surgery specialist you choose puts the patient’s health first, not financial benefits.
  • Plastic surgeons and subspecialists must have the ability to create a sense of trust in patients.
  • A subspecialist and plastic surgeon must be patient and calmly listen to the wishes and opinions of his patients and be able to reduce their stress and calm them down.
  • If the person does not have the appropriate physical and mental conditions to perform plastic and cosmetic surgery, the plastic surgeon and specialist must tell the person about this and, if necessary, have to postpone and perform the cosmetic and plastic surgery at another time when the person has the required preparation.
  • In addition to changing the appearance of different parts of the body, the plastic surgeon and subspecialist should also pay attention to maintaining the normal function of those parts.
  • The best plastic surgery subspecialist is the one who gives patients enough information about all the tips and care before and after cosmetic surgery to achieve the desired results.
  • In addition to being familiar with the science of aesthetics, a subspecialist and plastic surgeon should also be familiar with beauty criteria in order to beautify different areas of the body.

Iran’s cost of plastic surgery in 2023

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Abdominoplasty, hourglass body sculpture, temporal lift, face lift, breast lift, breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast implant, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, face fat injection, and lip lift surgery are just a few of the procedures available at Iranian plastic surgery clinics.

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cost of Rhinoplasty in Iran (Primer ) 750£ 900€ 1000$
Rhinoplasty (Seconder ) 1100£ 1300€ 1500$
cost of Face Lift in Iran 1900£ 2200€ 2500$
Blepharoplasty (Upper) 380£ 440€ 500$
Blepharoplasty (Lower) 500£ 600€ 700$
Neck Lift cost in Iran 1500£ 1700€ 2000$
Otoplasty Price in Iran 750£ 900€ 1000$
Bichectomy – buccal fat 380£ 440€ 500$
Lip Lift Price in Iran 380£ 440€ 500$
Temporal Endoscopic Lift 1500£ 1700€ 2000$
Price of Body Aesthetics In Iran
Abdominoplasty Price in Iran 1500£ 1700€ 2000$
Arm Lift cost in Iran 750£ 900€ 1000$
Thigh Lift 750£ 900€ 1000$
Back Stretch 1550£ 1800€ 2100$
BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift without implant) 1100£ 1300€ 1500$
BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift with implant) 1900£ 2200€ 2500$
Breast Aesthetics Price In Iran
Breast Augmentation with implant 1750£ 2000€ 2400$
Breast Lift cost in Iran 1100£ 1300€ 1500$
Breast Lift with implant 1950£ 2250€ 2600$
Breast Reduction 1150£ 1350€ 1800$
Vaser Liposuction – PAL Liposuction
Body Liposuction cost in Iran 1500£ 1700€ 2000$
Thigh, Hip, Knee Liposuction 1150£ 1350€ 1800$
Arm Liposuction 600£ 700€ 800$