Prices of surgical services in Iran

Prices of surgical services in Iran

Prices of surgical services in Iran

Rhinoplasty is one of the most complex facial plastic surgeries available

Before examining the average prices of surgery in Iran, we should note that the price of each surgery will be different according to the type of surgery and services received by the patient. Equipment used during surgery, the number of surgical services in the operating room, the number of days in the hospital, tests required by the doctor, drugs, paraclinical services such as imaging depending on the doctor’s diagnosis or surgery and consultation or doctors’ visits, for each person is different from another person and it is not possible to definitely determine the exact price before going to the hospital. Although it is possible to roughly predict the amount of payment for the total number of procedures required for a specific surgery for most people.

Also, surgeries include a wide range of medical surgeries (from gum surgery to extract a teeth to liver or kidney transplants), which, of course, cannot be considered a fixed price for all medical surgeries. But in this article, Kental Travel experts will help you find a correct understanding of the price of some surgeries compared to global prices. It is worth mentioning that the mentioned prices are related to receiving medical services without using health insurance and in many cases Iranian citizens pay much lower costs by using health insurance.

First, let’s talk about cosmetic surgeries and at the top of our list is nose surgery, which has the most demand in Iran, and there are very skilled doctors in this field in Iran. But the average price of nose surgery in Iran is $1,200, which is $1,700 in India, $2,100 in Brazil, and $6,000 in the United States.

Another cosmetic surgery is abdominal liposuction, the average cost of which in Iran is about $2,000. This surgery will cost $4,800 in India, $4,700 in Brazil, and $13,500 in the United States.

It is not bad to take a look at the prices of some dental services in Iran. The cost of each tooth implant in Iran is about 1000 dollars, this service in India with a slight difference is equal to 850 dollars and in the United States of America it is about 2400 dollars. The cost of orthodontics in Iran is only 150 dollars, the same service is 150 dollars in India and 3000 dollars in the United States of America. Filling each tooth costs about $50 in Iran, $150 in India and $550 in the United States.

But let’s examine the price range of some more serious surgeries. Heart bypass operation in Iran will cost about 7000 to 8000 dollars for patients. This life-changing surgery would cost about $10,000 in India and $120,000 for the patients to recieve such surgery in the United States.

Angiography, which is one of the most frequent cardiovascular medical services in the world, is performed at a cost of about 8,000 dollars in Iran, while the same service costs about 11,000 dollars in India. But the cost of this operation in hospitals in the United States will be $55,000.

One of the ways to treat back pain in adults is to perform surgery on the spine and lumbar discs, the cost of which in Iran is about 5000 dollars in Iran. The procedure costs $5,500 in India and $65,000 in the United States.

Prices of surgical services in Iran

Also, to treat or prevent some women’s diseases, doctors sometimes remove the uterus from the body. This vital surgery is performed in Iran at a cost of about 2000 dollars, which costs 3000 dollars in India and 3000 dollars in India. The United States is $21,000.

Therefore, the comparison of treatment costs in Iran and other countries of the world shows that surgery costs in Iran are still lower than in many other countries. Kental Travel’s team of medical consultants will be by your side to find the best doctors and medical centers in Iran.