Rainbow Valley

The Rainbow Valley is located on Hormuz Island and is one of the geological and creation.

Seeing a rainbow in the sky is not so contrary to habit; However, a beautiful rainbow

on earth and in the middle of the mountains is beyond belief and everyday experiences.

Such a landscape with

the Blue Persian Gulf background and the blue sky of Hormuz captivates every viewer.

Come along with us to get to know this beautiful wonder of nature,

which is one of the attractions of Hormuz Island.

Where is the Rainbow Valley?

The Rainbow Valley is one of the natural and spectacular places in

Hormozgan Province, located in the south-west of Hormuz Island insouthern Iran.

Hormuz Island is one of the unique islands of the Persian Gulf.

Access Route to the Rainbow Valley

To go to the Rainbow Valley, you should first reach Hormuz Island.

After reaching the southern part of Iran, Qeshm Island, or Bandar Abbas,

enter Hormuz Island through the ships of Shahid Zakeri Passenger Port

in Qeshm, or Haqani Port in Bandar Abbas.

You can find the Rainbow Valley through a local knows the way.

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The Rout from Qeshm to Hormuz Island

If you intend to travel from Qeshm to Hormuz; go to Shahid Zakeri Passenger Port at 6:30 a.m.

Currently, it is not possible to buy tickets for marine vessels online,

so you must be at the port at least half an hour earlier(6:30) to get your tickets.

Park your car in the port parking lot and buy a ticket by showing your national card.

Then sail to Hormuz Island.

The path will take 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the type and the speed of the boat.

In the afternoon, the boats head to Hormuz Island at 2 p.m.,

and you’ll have to get to the port and buy tickets. National card or national ID is necessary to buy a ticket.

The ships of this port travel to and from Hormuz only twice a day.

To return, go to the port before 3 p.m, so that you can go back to Shahid Zakeri Port in Qeshm Island.

The boat’s departure times from Hormuz to Qeshm are 8 a.m. and 3 p.m.

The Reason of Naming the Rainbow Valley

Hormuz island consists of sedimentary and volcanic layers that contain various minerals and most importantly, salt.

These sediments are colored according to their compounds and chemical formula.

Obviously, this also applies to the Rainbow Valley,

and its mountains and fields are made of various minerals.

The Rainbow Valley is named this because of the surrounding mountains; they are in yellow,

white, red, orange, brown, even green and gold colors.

Yellow, red, silver and black colors are caused by sedimentary compounds and iron oxide.

Volcanic compounds of the Rainbow Valley have also formed the white,

blue, pink, and gray colors.

Interestingly, there are three metal rocks in the valley called magnetite,

hematite and oligiato, containing iron oxide.

A golden metal rock called pyrite containing iron sulfide is also found in the valley,

known as the Devil’s Eye.

Best Time to Visit the Rainbow Valley in Hormuz

Due to the high temperature in the southern part of the country,

winter would be the best time to travel to Hormozgan and Hormuz Island.

In fact, with the cold weather in other parts of Iran,

many tourists head to the southern islands, where the climate is favorable.

Winter is the best time to visit the Rainbow Valley The island’s weather in

the spring and early fall is not as favorable as in winter.