Shahr-e Rey


Rey is an ancient historical city in Tehran, with many historical and natural attractions. The city dates back to before the Islamic era, about 3,000 years ago. Ancient fire temples, ancient hills, ancient castles, Emamzadehs and other scenic areas have made Rey one of the capital’s tourist hubs, and capital residents can easily visit all the landmarks of this historical city on a one-day trip.

It doesn’t make sense to travel to Rey without visiting Toghrol Tower. This tower is a monument left from the Seljuk period, in the east side of Ibn Baboyeh

Tomb. This tower is like clock hands, so you can discern time from the sun’s rays on its saliencies.

Ibn Baboyeh is one of the old cemeteries in Tehran and many famous Iranians are buried here. The name of the cemetery is derived from the name of “Abu Jafar Mohammad Bin Ali bin Hussein” known as “Sheik Saduq”. His tomb is an octagon tomb consisting a big Roman arch porch and mirror decoration. Other famous people who are buried in *Ibn Baboyeh cemetery are Gholamreza Takhti, Ali Akbar Dehkhoda, etc.

Fat-h Ali Shah Qajar High Relief

In Cheshmeh-Ali area in the Rey Castle range, there are remnants of a historical high relief which is said that have been sculpted by order of “Fat-h Ali Shah Qajar. In this high relief, Fat-h Ali Shah is depicted riding on horseback as he lances a lion.

Javanmard-e-Qassab Shrine

Javanmard-e- Qassab is a semi-legendary, semi-historical man and his shrine is located close to Rey city. Some residents of the area believe that this site is the mausoleum of “Abu al-Abbas Qassab Amoli”, known as “Abu al-Abbas Qassab Javanmard”.

Eshgh Abad Wetland is one of the best places for bird watching in Tehran. There are currently 140 species registered in the lake. Vegetation of the reed is also observed around this pond.

The shrine of Shah Abdul-Azim is the burial site of Abdul Azim Hasani, and is one of the most famous shrines in Tehran which annually a large number of people from all parts of the country visit this area. The complex consists of shrines, arches, mosques, veranda and numerous courtyard.

Rey Historical bazaar is another attractive landmark, located in north of Shah Abdul Azim shrine. The market was rebuilt by order of Amir Kabir. Rey Bazaar has two lines which make an intersection at the junction. It used to be a place for selling spices, traditional medicines and commercial goods. Now you can buy various products and souvenirs.

Harun al-Rashid Prison is a monument left from Buyid dynasty that despite its name, has not been used as a prison and its name is rooted in myths. Scholars believe that this two-story building has about 10 meters high and is an ancient fire temple built during the Sasanian era.

Yazid Tower, or Naghare Khane Tower, is located in the north of the Rey, west of Aminabad. According to historical narratives, the tower was built nearly a thousand years ago by the order of “Kiya Buzurg Ummid” to become his burial site. According to historians and experts, Kiya Buzurg Ummid built this place so his bones be buried after his death.

The Gabri Castle is one of the old buildings of Rey City in Allaei town in a neighborhood of the same name that dates back to 2,000 years to the Sasanian era. The tower and ramparts of the castle have been destroyed by centuries of eroding and now there are only clay-mud tall walls left.