Shiraz Grand Hotel

The Shiraz 5-Star Hotel (Grand Hotel Shiraz) was built in 2013 and has gained a special reputation for providing suitable amenities for travelers’ accommodations. This hotel, with a total area exceeding 40,000 square meters and spanning 14 floors, is equipped according to international 5-star standards and features 158 rooms with a capacity of 350 guests. The Grand Hotel Shiraz offers very stylish rooms and standard beds, with a unique harmony of light and color in the rooms and hallways. One of the notable features of the Grand Hotel Shiraz is its nearness to historical, religious, and recreational sites. The hotel has two sports complexes for men and women, each equipped with a pool, sauna, jacuzzi, and gym. The Grand Hotel Shiraz also houses several restaurants and halls equipped with the latest and most modern amenities for hosting events. Do not miss this hotel on your trip to shiraz.

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