Top 10 Iranian Dentists

Having a beautiful smile is everybody’s wish, and the way to a beautiful smile is beautiful and healthy teeth. Top 10 dentists in Iran tourism travel are here to help you achieve healthier teeth at affordable prices in Iran.

Dentistry or dental medicine, also known as oral medicine is a branch of medicine that is focused on the mouth, gums, and teeth in general. The importance of teeth, gums, and mouth is more than obvious to anyone, which makes Kental Iran Travel medical tour guide responsible for its clients’ best choice in Iran dentistry tourism.

Top 10 Iranian Dentist is the list of recommendations for people who are interested in Iran’s medical tourism in the field of dentistry, but the number of top dentists in Iran is uncountable. Everyone can easily claim to be the best dentist in Iran tourism travel, but you can only make sure of one’s superiority by analyzing the results and outcomes, based on recent clients’ satisfaction.

The health of your teeth never remains the same. Normal adults need dental checkups regularly, so they can keep their teeth healthy and clean. Human teeth decay, get crooked and break over time, and there is no way to stop it except through professional treatments by the top 10 dentists in Iran tourism travel.

Dental services are costly in most countries. Especially cosmetic dental procedures which are not supported by health insurance in many countries. But you can find affordable and great dental services in Iran, even with the top 10 Iranian dentists.

Dentistry in Iran tourism travel: Why Iran?

If you wonder why you should choose Iran as your medical tourist destination for dental care, Kental Iran travels medical tour guide will help you to get your Iran visa easily and travel to Iran for dental care services. Keep reading to find out why.

Great Dentists Work in Iran

Iran has the best dentists and dental surgeons in the Middle East. That is why a big number of medical tourists come to Iran each year seeking the top 10 dentists in Iran’s tourism travel.

Cheaper Cosmetic Dentistry in Iran

Cosmetic dentistry tourism in Iran is affordable compared to the USA and Europe, and it is of good quality as well. Top 10 dentists in Iran tourism travel are not as expensive as you might think. Here at Iran medical tour , we provide our clients with the most affordable prices and the best possible dentists in Iran. You can choose from a variety of options.

Iranian Dentists and Their Facilities

You can find an extensive range of procedures when it comes to dental care in Iran. Top 10 dentists in Iran tourism travel are good at many dental services consisting of both therapeutic and cosmetic dental care. Iran has a lot of great dental clinics in each city, and all of them are well-equipped and up to global standards.

A few of the dental care services that are highly reputable and attractive for Iran medical tourists are:

  • Tooth whitening/ bleaching
  • Dental implants
  • Crowns
  • Dental bridge
  • Tooth filling
  • Dental composite

Kental Iran travels medical tour guide can design your tour plan based on any procedures you need and your budget. We care about your preferences and your wishes.

Top 10 Dentists in Iran Tourism Travel

Iranian dentists and their facilities

Iranian dentists and their facilities

Kental Iran travels medical tour guide has gathered a list of the top 10 dentists in Iran’s tourism travel. It is impossible to know and name all the great dentists in Iran due to their big number, but Kental Travel has managed to form a list of popular, skilled, and experienced dentists and dental surgeons in Iran.

  1. Dr. Behnam Shakibaie
    With more than 22 years of experience, Dr. Behnam Shakibaie is one of the top 10 dentists in Iran’s tourism travel. Known as a pioneer in implant microsurgery, he introduced new microsurgical techniques that have helped the science of dentistry so much. He studied at Berlin Charite University and then specialized in oral surgery. Now he is working in Tehran, Iran.
  2. Dr. Raha Raadfar
    She is very famous and popular in Iran since many celebrities in Iran prefer to have their dental procedures done only by her. Her areas of expertise are mostly cosmetic dentistry and celebrities are very happy with her job.
  3. Dr. Amin Reza Chalabianlu
    One of the top 10 dentists in Iran’s tourism travel is Dr. Amin Reza Chalabianlu, a very skilled and experienced oral surgeon. He is very popular for his great job in doing implants. Dr. Chalabianlu is also very skilled and experienced in oral surgeries and orthodontics, making him a great choice in the top 10 dentists in Iran’s tourism travel list.
  4. Dr. Alireza Afrashi
    In many opinions, he is the best dentist in Tehran or even Iran, especially in the field of cosmetic surgery and dental implants. He studied in Iran, the USA, and Germany.
  5. Dr. Mehdi Karimi
    Iranian people know Dr. Mehdi Karimi as one of the top 10 dentists in Iran’s tourism travel, and he has proved to be on the list by doing great jobs resulting in even better outcomes. Dr. Mehdi Karimi spent years studying abroad (Genova university in Italy), and continued to develop his talents, knowledge, and skills ever since. His talents contain both therapeutic and cosmetic dentistry. He is experienced in many fields including smile design, veneers dental laminate, dental composite, and many other procedures.
  6. Dr. Alireza Shabestari
    Born in Mashhad, Iran, Dr. Alireza Shabestari studied abroad for about 14 years, then returned to his hometown to establish a well-equipped dental clinic there, and serve his country and his people. Now he is one of the top 10 dentists in Iran tourism travel working in Mashhad.
  7. Dr. Moein Honarvar
    After eleven years of experience, Dr. Honarvar made it to the top 10 dentists Iran tourism travel list. His clinic is in Shiraz, one historical city that tourists have to visit.
  8. Dr. Fatemeh Razmjoo
    She graduated from university about 23 years ago, but she kept studying to expand her knowledge and skills, and she did it! Now she has a dental clinic in Isfahan where she works.
  9. Dr. Maysam Ariaam
    You can visit him in his clinic in Tehran, Iran, if you need professional, grand, and excellent dental care. The costs of procedures done by Dr. Ariaam are normally more expensive than others, but we can assure you that it is worth it.
  10. Dr. Masoud Davoudian
    He is very skilled in many fields such as orthodontics, oral surgeries, and cosmetic dental procedures. His high talents got his name to be in the top 10 dentists in Iran tourism travel.

The number of good dentists in Iran is countless. Kental Iran travels medical tour guide can help you find the best dentist for your special and specific needs, budget, and preferences. We care about your health and happiness. That is what makes us unique among local travel agencies in Iran. Iran travel agency medical tour guide of Kental can help you have the best dental care procedures with a decent budget.