Top 10 Iran diving tours for nature lovers

Top 10 Iran diving tours for nature lovers

Top 10 Iran diving tours for nature lovers

Diving and scuba diving are two of the best activities you can enjoy while on an Iran tour. The list of top 10 Iran diving tours for nature lovers shows the incredible opportunity to have a wonderful time floating and swimming in the blue. Kental Iran Travel prepared this list for Iran nature lovers to take great advantage of the time they want to spend in Iran diving tours.

Kish Island, the pearl of the Persian Gulf

Kish is a resort island located in the North-East of the Persian Gulf, the South of Iran. As one of the most visited cities in Iran by tourists, Kish Island is a coastal city, the capital of the Kish District.

Kish Island has an area of 36 sq. miles and is a unique coral island in the Middle East, where the people are very friendly and hospitable like the rest of the Iranian people, making it one of the top 10 Iran diving tours for nature lovers, and knowing that, Kental Iran travel can offer the best diving tours based on what you love and seek.

What makes Kish Island special for tourists is the free visa. You do not need a visa at arrival and departure points in Kish Island. You can stay up to 14 days on the island without having a visa. All you need is to get your fingerprints and photograph taken by the officials at the airport, and you are free to go!

Kish Island has great facilities and accommodations for tourists. You can always walk to your desired destination since the island is relatively small, but if you do not feel like it, there are plenty of taxis around. Iranian Uber is called Snapp and you can use it very easily. Regular taxis on the island are Toyota Camrys, fully air-conditioned and fast.

You can enjoy Kish Island’s other tourist attractions and activities as well. That is why many of the top 10 Iran diving tours for nature lovers are Kish based.

1.     Kish Diving Center

It is considered the biggest marine entertainment center on Kish Island. Scuba diving, tutorials, and other activities are available at this center.

With a satisfaction rate of 95%, Kish Diving Center is rather a satisfying center in Iran tour guide offers. 47 expert personnel will help you experience the best moments in the beautiful Persian Gulf, and 34 years of experience in this field will assure you that you are in good hands. Kental Iran travel can suggest the best diving tour plans if you desire a great time in the sea.

2.     Dive Persia

Claiming to be one of the well-equipped diving centers on Kish Island. You can buy diving equipment in Dive Persia, and get tutorials and diving lessons at one of the top 10 Iran diving tours for nature lovers.

Good comments from tourists who tried this diving center show that their claim is not empty.

3.     Deniz Diving

Deniz Diving has different diving courses for beginners and advanced divers. Advanced open water, open water, Trimix diver, and deep diver are some of the courses that this diving center offer.

Deniz Diving also offers different Diving tours as one of the top 10 Iran diving tours for nature lovers, and Kental Iran travel will design the best plan for your Iran diving tour. Iran tour guide, Kental Iran travel, benefits from the best tour leaders and staff members to make sure its clients are fully satisfied with their experience.

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Qeshm Island

Located a few km off Southern Iran, the strait of Hormoz has an arrow-shaped island called Qeshm, the largest island in Iran and the Persian Gulf. The coldest months on Qeshm Island are October and January, and the warmest months on the island are June and August, and the average temperature of Qeshm is 81 F.

Accommodations and facilities will help the tourists enjoy the best features and activities possible in the Area, and they are not very costly. Qeshm diving tours are surely the top 10 Iran diving tours for nature lovers

The city has natural, historical, and modern tourist attractions that are very attractive to anyone, especially foreigners. Kental Iran travel guide will help you plan the best diving tour in Iran. Iran tour guides are the best to help you with this.

4.     N.S.Q. Diving Center

Located on Zeytoon St. Qeshm, Hormozgan province, N.S.Q. diving center has the best comments from all of the tourists who tried this diving center. As one of the top 10 Iran diving tours for nature lovers, N.S.Q diving center offers different summer discounts and uses the latest methods and equipment.

5.     Blue Wonders (Ajayeb Abi) diving club

This diving club is located in Zeytoon Park, Qeshm. They are famous for being open 24 hours.

6.     Golden Dolphin (Dolphin Talaei) diving school

Another diving school is located on Qeshm Island and counts as one of the top 10 Iran diving tours for nature lovers. Kental Iran travel can offer you the best diving tours in Iran and as one of the best Iran tour guides, we have the best packages and plans. Kental Iran travel is proud to offer self-designed plans based on your desires. Our passionate staff members here at Kental are glad to help you out.

7.     Qeshm diving school

Zeytoon Park, Zeytoon St. Qeshm, Hormozgan province. There you can find one of the top 10 Iran diving tours for nature lovers and have a wonderful time in the blue waters of the Persian Gulf. Kental Iran travel, an Iran tour guide can help you plan the best diving tour.

8.     Bani Dive

Located near Iran Zamin complex, Zeytoon Park, and Qeshm beach, this diving club is rated 4.5 stars.

9.     Modern Diver Scuba Center

Modern Diver Scuba Center is located in Qeshm’s City Center 2. Scuba diving is very fun in the Persian Gulf, with an average depth of 35 m. but normally tourists experience a great time diving into 6 meters deep waters of the Persian Gulf. Kental Iran travel tour guide can arrange the best Persian Gulf diving tour for you.

Top 10 Iran diving tours for nature lovers

Bushehr city

Bushehr has a hot semi-arid climate resembling a Mediterranean climate. You can enjoy the nice weather of Bushehr in fall and winter. Bushehr province is bordering the Persian Gulf on the west. Sunny beaches are one of the best characteristics of Bushehr.

10. Central Diving School

Bushehr’s Central Diving School is located near Koodak Park, on Saheli St. you can enjoy a very nice view from there and have a wonderful time.

Kental Iran travel offers the top 10 Iran diving tours for nature lovers, based on your desires and preferences. We care about what our clients like, and we make your dreams come true.

Final Words

If you’re interested in water diving, swimming, and other water activities, a trip to Iran and enjoying one or more of the tours selected among the top 10 Iran diving tours for nature lovers