top medical tour guide in Iran

The top medical tour guide in Iran

top medical tour guide in Iran

The waiting time under your health insurance plan was told to be more than one year, and you did not afford to pay for healthcare and surgeries on your own. But now you are resting in a comfortable bed after medical attendance, spending your convalescence time in a five-star rated hotel, while you and your beloved family can enjoy the holidays in another country, having a nice vacation abroad. You have no worries because of the perfect plan that the top medical tour guide in Iran offered, and it was affordable! Here at Kental Travel, anything is possible. Your conditions and terms are our worries and we have professional staff members who can deal with your problems, solve them, and turn them into happy times! If you are this far into reading this, Kental Travel medical tour guide is what you need!

Medical tourism is defined as “traveling abroad for medical treatments, usually from under-developed countries to highly-developed ones”, and it has a long history, unlike what people might believe. You would be surprised if you hear about the origin and history of medical tourism, and how its definition and concept have changed over the years. Kental Travel Medical Tour is going to tell you all about it. Kental Travel is a travel agency based in Iran, specializing in all sorts of tourism guides, especially medical tour guides, and we are here now to tell you anything you did not know about medical tourism, one of the many fields we specialize in. The top medical tour guide in Iran has to have aware followers and clients! Just like we have in Kental Travel.

The history behind medical tourism

top medical tour guide in Iran

Just like any tradition and behavior of mankind, medical tourism has a backstory. Nobody can be certain about the first person who chose to travel somewhere else to get medical treatments, but we know some origins of medical tourism and Kental Travel, one of the top medical tour guides in Iran is going to tell you about them:

·        Ancient Greeks

Of course, the same as many other things, ancient Greece has a part in medical tourism and its formation. You may have heard of Asclepius, the ancient Greek god of medicine. Asclepius is the son of Apollo and Coronis, and his rod (a snake-entwined staff) is still the symbol of medicine all over the world. Ancient Greeks believed that he could treat different diseases and ailments. So they would travel a long way from their homes to Asclepius’ sanctuary (some small territory called Epidauria located in the Saronic Gulf), so he could remedy them in their dreams. This is probably one of the oldest birthplaces of medical tourism that we know of.

·        The Mesopotamians

The word “Mesopotamian” is Greek for “between rivers”, and refers to the people who lived in the ancient civilizations of Babylonia, Sumer, and Assyria. It might be interesting to know that the Mesopotamian people are also known as the influencers of astronomy and mathematics! And they can be the ones who established medical tourism in the world since they traveled to a temple at Tell Brak Syria to find a cure for their eye disorders.

·        India

India is known for its diversity of religions and healing methods. Ayurvedic medicine, yoga, and other spiritual and physical remedies have been attracting many people to this region for almost 5000 years now.

Why do people choose medical tourism?

As you read before, ancient people and our ancestors tried traveling abroad seeking a kind of remedy or treatment that did not exist in their homelands. But today, with all the technology and development of medical sciences, you can have good treatment almost all over the world. So if you are not living in an underdeveloped country, you might think that medical tourism would not make any sense to you and you do not need the top medical tour guide in Iran to help you with anything. But Kental Travel is here to disagree!

Based on recent research, medical tourism is one of the fastest ways to get the necessary care and most of the time it is the only affordable way. For instance, cardiac patients who need to get the surgery done as fast as possible can travel to another country to receive affordable quality healthcare services just in time.

The most common procedures that people ask about from top medical tour guides in Iran like Kental Travel and other countries are:

  • Surgeries
  • Cosmetic and plastic surgery
  • Fertility treatment
  • Cancer treatment
  • Transplantations (organ or tissue)
  • Dental care

People who travel abroad for medical purposes have a variety of reasons, and their choice relies on many factors. In the past, people mostly chose medical tourism to get better treatments. Back then, the top medical tour guides did not have a lot to say. People from underdeveloped or developing countries used to travel to developed countries to be in better hands for healthcare and treatments. This way, better doctors could visit and treat them, better nurses could take care of them, and they could receive better healthcare services in better hospitals. People from underdeveloped countries still choose to do this even though it can cost a lot. Still, they can get great healthcare in developing countries like Iran for better prices, too! That is the job of top medical tour guides in Iran such as Kental Travel to offer them the best options.

top medical tour guide in Iran

Nowadays medical tourism has a new and completely different concept. There are many more reasons for people from all over the world to travel abroad for health-related purposes, and recently, it has become a major industry all around the world. That is why the tourism industry is in dire need of the top medical tour guides in Iran. Travel agencies in Iran, Kental Travel, and other medical tour guides are proxies by which you can assess and plan your travel, your medical treatment, and your budget. Medical tourism can help the economy of the destination region, and it has a lot of benefits for the person who chooses it and their family. But generally, certain factors convince people to use this option. Factors such as lower costs, shorter waiting lists, better surgeons, better tourist attractions, advanced facilities, and more peace and calm. Tourists who choose Iran as their medical tour destination are mostly concerned about both expenses and healthcare. There are many top medical tour guides in Iran that are specialized in finding the best doctors and surgeons, modern and advanced facilities, and hospitals, for the most affordable prices. Kental Travel, a medical tour guide based in Iran, is honored to earn the trust and satisfaction of its clients.

Which agency is the top medical tour guide in Iran?

To answer this question, we have to confess that Iran has many great medical tour guides and many top medical tour guides in different cities and provinces. Besides Kental Travel, many other medical tourism companies claim to be the best.

The truth is, in a country full of potential for medical and therapeutic tourism, claiming to be the top medical tour guide is very daring! But you cannot accept any claim that comes your way. You have to assess results and outcomes. The percentage and statistics of the clients who were satisfied with their experience, and the ones who were not, show the talents and skills of the travel agency staff in what they do. This is where the actual challenge is.

At Kental Travel, we are attentive to the quality of our services and the satisfaction they bring to our clients. Focusing on your experience is our duty and we surely know how to do it. Personalized and self-designed plans, friendly and knowledgeable staff and close satisfaction monitoring are what make us unique and special. We do not claim to be one of the top medical tour guides in Iran, but our results and satisfaction rates surely do!