Travel agency Iran visa

According to the laws of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, most of the citizens of foreign countries need an Iranian visa to enter Iran. In general, the types of Iranian visas are divided into the following categories, depending on your conditions, the corresponding visa is issued in person or electronically.

Foreign travelers who intend to travel to Iran can obtain an Iran visa through the Kantal Travel agency. Citizens of all countries except (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Syria, Turkey, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Ecuador) who intend to enter Iran are required to obtain an Iran visa.

Iran visa is valid for 3 months, with this visa you can stay in Iran for 30 days. If travelers want to stay in Iran for more than 30 days, they must apply for Iran visa extension through the agency.

As mentioned, the tourist visa is one of the types of Iran visa and the most common one, this visa is granted to people who intend to travel and visit Iran, so most of the foreigners who intend to travel to Iran as a tourist, should seek to obtain an Iran visa. To apply for an Iranian tourist visa, you can contact travel agencies and reputable tourist centers in the country, such as Kental travel, to get your Iranian tourist visa in a short period of time and guaranteed.

How to obtain Iran visa

The process of obtaining a visa is a time-consuming process, as you have to go through various administrative procedures and steps so that you can receive your suitable visa from among the types of Iranian visas after a few weeks. In this regard, we recommend that you go to Kental travel to get your visa, especially the Iranian tourist visa, so that in addition to shortening the process of obtaining an Iran visa, they will be your guide and companion during this journey. The process of obtaining an Iran visa is summarized in the following two steps:

Applying for a visa authorization code is the first step in the process of obtaining an Iran visa. You must complete a special visa application form or an Iran visa application form. Of course, note that citizens of the United States of America, Canada, and England must also attach another special form in addition to this form.

Then, your visa application documents will be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by Kental Travel. Experts from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will review your application to issue your visa approval code if qualified. This process takes between two days and two weeks.

Second step: After the application is approved, the visa authorization code will be issued to you by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Our experts will inform you of the result as soon as they receive the news of visa approval. In order to enter Iran, you must apply for a sticker at the entry point that has permission to issue a sticker or at the Iranian consulate in the desired city. Do not worry, our experts will guide you in this matter.

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Required documents to obtain Iran visa

The process of obtaining a tourist visa in Iran has its own methods and rules. We recommend that before applying for a visa, you have various information such as the necessary documents for obtaining a visa and the right time to apply for an Iran visa, so that you can complete the procedures for obtaining a visa correctly and avoid any mistakes that may cause your visa application to be rejected. stay away

If you need more information about the types of Iranian visas, how to obtain a visa and the documents required to obtain an Iranian tourist visa, you can contact our experts.

Electronic visa of Iran

Required Documents for Iran E Visa

Iran’s e-visa or electronic-visa is the same as an embassy visa, except that it is requested online. Each type of Iran visa can be requested electronically through a third party and are categorized into the following four groups:

The first group are reputable private companies that plan to invite experts or businessmen from other countries to be present in Iran for help or to use their experiences.

The second group is the reputable travel agencies that intend to register their passengers’ Iranian tourist visa applications. (Salehan Sir has provided you with this possibility)

The third group is government organizations and institutions that intend to host foreigners in Iran

And finally, there will be national services such as banks, medical centers, and insurance organizations that require visa applications for their clients for their various issues.

Please note that according to the country’s political laws, it is not possible to receive an Iranian visa electronically for a number of countries. These people who are not allowed to receive Iran’s e-visa must go to Iran’s visa agencies in their country in person.

But on the other hand, according to the laws of Iran and the agreements made, the citizens of Turkey, Lebanon, Georgia, Armenia, Venezuela, Egypt, Malaysia, China, Bolivia and Syria and other countries that are on the list of countries designated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, They do not need to obtain an Iranian visa.

Cost of Iran Visa

To get any type of Iran visa, you have to pay different fees, which are in the Iran visa fee category and are divided into the following three parts:

Paying travel agency fees

Paying the visa stamp fee, which is actually the consular visa fees and paperwork in the embassy.

Paying for travel insurance if you want to have travel insurance

The amounts you have to pay in the Iran visa fee section are not always the same. These amounts are according to the type of visa and function your citizenship will be different. In general and roughly, the cost of applying for travel insurance is about 12 euros, the cost of an Iranian visa starts from 19 euros, and on average, depending on the nationality of the visa applicant, it is between 30 and 75 euros.

Let’s review what has been said!

Iran, like other countries in the world, has special laws and conditions. Most of the countries in the world need to obtain an Iranian visa to enter Iran, while the citizens of the rest of the countries do not need to obtain a visa and pay the cost of the Iranian visa according to the agreement signed between them and Iran, and they can travel to Iran without a visa. do

The conditions for obtaining an Iranian tourist visa are easier compared to other visas. But the presence of reputable travel agencies in the country such as Kental Travel have made the visa process much easier.