Why medical tourism in Iran?

Why medical tourism in Iran?

With the expansion of the medical tourism industry in the world and hearing its good news, medical tourism in Iran is booming like in other countries. Skilled Iranian doctors have been known all over the world since the past, and their theories and achievements are taught in the prestigious universities of the world. In our country, there are potentials for attracting health tourists in the country, which we have briefly mentioned in the article on the role of medical tourism in Iran and other countries. Iran has a unique combination of healthy and pleasant climate, extraordinary landscapes, magnificent cultural and historical monuments, up-to-date technologies, advanced medical equipment and a powerful pharmaceutical market system.

Benefits of medical tourism in Iran

As we mentioned above, medical tourism in Iran has many characteristics; Therefore, many tourists put medical tourism in Iran at the top of their list of destinations. The presence of more advantages and features in a country encourages tourists to choose it for medical tourism.

The cost of medical tourism in Iran

One of the most important and best benefits of medical tourism in Iran is its costs. The Iranian currency is much lower than other currencies in the world. You just have to compare it with the currency of other countries to know. Therefore, with the increase in the cost of healthcare and medicine, you can experience a lower cost of treatment and medical services compared to other countries. This case can be considered the most important cause in the development of tourism in Iran.

In other countries, mainly European countries and the United States, the provision of medical services requires high costs compared to the cost of medical tourism in Iran. On the other hand, the cost of medical tourism in our country is more economical compared to its regional competitors, including Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Southeast Asian countries.

The presence of skilled and experienced doctors is the survival factor of medical tourism in Iran

A long time ago, Iran has been one of the most important centers of medical sciences, so that among the old traditional medical schools in the world, none of them have been as comprehensive and complete as the traditional medical schools of Iran. Currently, Iran is still one of the main poles in this field. Iran has qualified hospitals and medical centers, skilled doctors and a team of experienced and trained people who enjoy high prestige in the region. This is the second reason for increasing the potential of medical tourism in Iran.

High quality postoperative care in medical tourism in Iran

Nursing services in Iran are highly qualified. Also, medical tourism in Iran is continuously supported by extensive medical research. Every year, we see the training of thousands of new nurses in Iran. Since the training period of a nurse is long and directly related to the quality of hospital services, there are many expert and kind forces in our country.

Medical centers, modern hospitals and hospital hotels and their role in medical tourism in Iran

As we said, due to high standards in medical services, medical tourism in Iran has become popular in the world. Iran’s health care system, including hospitals and clinics, has high equipment and technologies that can provide the best services in medical tourism in Iran. On the other hand, with the emergence of hospital hotels, which provide medical services and accommodation at the same time, the same low costs are also reduced.