Why Medical Tourism Is Becoming Popular in Iran

Iran and specifically Tehran has become the capital and an attractive destination in the field of cosmetic surgery in the world, especially nose surgery. In 2017, the income of Iran’s health tourism industry was estimated at 1.7 billion dollars, which is expected to reach 6 billion dollars by 2022.

The majority of tourists who choose Iran as a destination are from neighboring countries such as Iraq, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Oman, Kuwait and Afghanistan, and are looking for cosmetic surgery, eye surgery, infertility treatment, open heart surgery, spine surgery and organ transplantation.

Other groups are from more advanced countries and come to Iran mostly for cosmetic surgery, especially nose job, weight loss surgery, plastic surgery, hair transplant and breast implant surgery. Of course, these are only a few examples.

Why do tourists choose medical tourism in Iran?

Iran is rapidly becoming a medical tourism hub in the Middle East and perhaps in the world, especially for cosmetic surgeries due to these reasons!

1- Affordable services

Years of struggling with inflation have significantly reduced the value of the Iranian currency compared to the dollar and the euro. Now, a total rhinoplasty package in Iran is approximately 90% cheaper than surgery in the United States.

2- World class medical facilities

Choosing a medical career has the most demand among Iranians. A lot of enthusiasm in this field has made hospitals and clinics always seek to improve their facilities and provide advanced technologies for their employees and patients.

3- Talented and experienced surgeons

Most specialists in Iran had received their medical degrees from well-known schools in the United States, Europe, and Iran, and after years of serious training, they face a wide market. In addition, the high number of applicants for cosmetic surgery has increased the skill of Iranian doctors and some of our famous surgeons perform more than 3 surgeries a day. This issue has also attracted the attention of foreigners looking for beauty.

4- Fast and available services

Providing fast services in response to people’s needs is one of the important factors in attracting health tourists. As a medical tourist, you don’t have to miss the chance of timely treatment by staying on the waiting list. One of the advantages in Iran is the possibility of receiving medical services quickly and without appointments.

5- Traditional and alternative methods

Iran has a long history in traditional medical methods with a clear vision. Many traditional herbal treatments are still an integral part of Iranians’ daily life.

Iran is also a land of hot springs, volcanic mud and mineral springs around which many medical resorts have been built to make it easy for enthusiasts to take advantage of their benefits.

6- Rich history, outstanding culture and charming landscape

The outstanding aspect of health tourism is its combination with other activities. A medical tourist in Iran can have enjoyable experiences too. The first Iranian government dates back to 4000 BC, and since then Iran has hosted many rulers and dynasties, whose relics can still be found in every corner of this land. Also, the unique and diverse nature of our country, Iran, is a unique choice for anyone who is interested in spending an attractive vacation.

7- Government support and visa facilitation

After discovering its potential in medical tourism as a source income for the economic prosperity of the country, the government of Iran supported this industry and granted licenses for international patients to about 200 hospitals.

Iranian officials have also started a visa waiver program and are moving towards easing the tedious process of obtaining visas. However, we have not yet reached the ideal point in terms of visas, but efforts in this field are still ongoing.