Eram Garden

Eram Garden

Eram Garden is one of Shiraz attractions, a famous Persian garden for tourists due to its citrus trees and long road with glorious cypress trees on both sides.  Tall, old, Mediterranean cypresses have redoubled the beauty of the garden in addition to the main pavilion of the Qajar era, which forms the core of the garden. Eram garden with an area of 110,380 m2 got on the national register on November 5, 1974.        

History of Eram garden

The construction date of this garden is known as the Seljuk period because in that time, Atabak Qaracheh, the ruler of Fars had built a few gardens like Takht garden and it is possible that this garden is at his command. Eram garden has existed during Injuids, Muzaffarids, and Mughal Empire. There is no information about the garden in those times except for a poem from Hafez which shows Injuids had authority over this garden.

After that, Eram garden was taken over by Muzaffarids lords. There is not much information about the garden in Safavid era. Just the prosperous and glory of the gardens is mentioned in foreign globe trotters’ writings in that time.

 Tourists has mentioned this garden as a lush park with a few passers in an area full of different kinds of trees. From the late life of Zand dynasty, the garden was at Qashqai tribe’s heads disposal for 75 years and they used it as the seat of government and also built a palace in it. After that, at the time of Naser al-Din Shah Qajar, another palace was founded and it took years to be built. According to evidences, the main building of the garden existed till the Qajar era and apparently when Haj Nasir-ol-Mulk bought the garden, he built the current palace. Mirza Abolqasem, his nephew and son in law, completes the design and some semi-finished parts of the building. There is a marble inscription above the northeast entrance of the garden and is written in Nastaliq. There are also six stone inscriptions at the eastern view of the building with different dates and the name of Nasir al-Mulk can be seen on them.

eventually, the wife of Pahlavi Shah owned the garden and she handed it over to Shiraz university and now is used as the catering palace. The beautiful Eram garden, is now the disposal of Shiraz university with an area of 110,000 m2, fulled with orange and cypress trees. Eram garden got on the World Heritage List at 35th session of the World Heritage Committee on 27th June, 2011.

Where is Eram garden?

Eram garden is among the most important attractions of Shiraz, Fars Province; in Eram Street, close to Eram Square and Shiraz University complex.

If you are coming from the southern parts of the city, you should reach to Azadi Street, and then Eram Street. The garden will be on your left if you continue Eram Street to Eram Square.

Visiting hours

The first two months of spring: from 8a.m. to 8p.m.

The next 4 months: from 8a.m. to 1p.m.

Architecture of Eram garden

This garden is a Rectangular land surrounded by mud walls; which is now replaced with fence. Main buildings are in the western part of the garden, consisting one main palace and internal building. The interesting point is that they are higher than other parts of the garden.   

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Eram Garden