Eram Garden (Bagh-e Eram), The Most Beautiful Persian Garden

History of Eram Garden

Eram Garden is one of Shiraz attractions, a famous Persian garden for tourists due to its citrus trees and long road with glorious cypress trees on both sides.  Tall, old, Mediterranean cypresses have redoubled the beauty of the garden in addition to the main pavilion of the Qajar era, which forms the core of the garden. Eram garden with an area of 110,380 m2 got on the national register on November 5, 1974.

​History of Eram Garden

Eram Garden, a UNESCO-listed Persian garden
Eram Garden, a UNESCO-listed Persian garden

The construction date of this garden is associated with the Seljuk period. During that time, Atabak Qaracheh, the ruler of Fars, had commissioned the creation of several gardens, such as Takht Garden. It is possible that this garden was built under his command. Eram Garden has a history that extends through the Injuids, Muzaffarids, and Mughal Empire. Unfortunately, there is little historical information available about the garden during these periods, except for a poem by Hafez, which suggests Injuids’ influence on the garden.

Subsequently, Eram Garden came under the ownership of Muzaffarid lords. There is limited information regarding the garden during the Safavid era, though foreign travelers of the time did mention the gardens’ prosperity and splendor in their writings.

Tourists of that era described this garden as a lush park with a few visitors, nestled within an area filled with various types of trees. Later, during the Zand dynasty’s late years, the garden was under the control of the Qashqai tribe’s leaders for 75 years. They used it as a governmental center and constructed a palace within it. In the time of Naser al-Din Shah Qajar, another palace was established, a project that took several years to complete. Based on available evidence, the main building of the garden existed up to the Qajar era. When Haj Nasir-ol-Mulk purchased the garden, he is believed to have built the present palace. His nephew and son-in-law, Mirza Abolqasem, completed the design and some unfinished portions of the building. There is a marble inscription above the northeast entrance of the garden, written in Nastaliq script. Additionally, there are six stone inscriptions on the eastern side of the building with different dates and the name of Nasir al-Mulk inscribed on them.

Ultimately, the wife of Pahlavi Shah became the owner of the garden and later transferred ownership to Shiraz University. It is now used as a catering palace. The beautiful Bagh-e Eram is currently under the administration of Shiraz University, covering an area of 110,000 square meters and featuring orange and cypress trees. Eram Garden was added to the World Heritage List during the 35th session of the World Heritage Committee on June 27, 2011.

Architecture of Eram Garden

Architecture of Eram Garden
Architecture of Eram Garden

Eram Garden in Shiraz is built on a rectangular piece of land spanning 110,000 square meters. Its main entrance is on the longer side, to the north, and the shorter side faces west. The slope in the garden goes from west to east, and the steep terrain led the architects to use stairs to connect different parts of the main and subsidiary garden areas.

To enter Eram Garden, you need to pass through its main gate located in the northeast corner. This historic gate is beautifully adorned and holds great value. The wide central passage of the garden leads you to the main mansion. The interior mansion of Eram Garden adds double the charm of this garden and has a history dating back to nearly four centuries. The architectural style of the mansion is from the Qajar era and is inspired by the Zand architectural style. The mansion is a masterpiece of Qajar architecture in terms of design, painting, tiling, and plasterwork. In front of the main mansion of Eram Garden, which overlooks the garden, there’s a large pool with a water display that mirrors the mansion.

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One of the most beautiful and important parts of Eram Garden in Shiraz is a pathway that stretches from east to west. This pathway is lined with magnificent cypress trees that are several hundred years old. It’s interesting to note that among these trees, there is a tall and majestic one famous as the thousand-year-old cypress of Eram Garden, which stands at about 35 meters in height.

Baghe Eram in Shiraz boasts a rich diversity of plants, with many species from various parts of the world planted in the garden, turning it into a museum and exhibition of different types of flowers and various plants.

When is the Best Time to Visit Eram Garden?

When is the Best Time to Visit Eram Garden?
When is the Best Time to Visit Eram Garden?

Shiraz is one of Iran’s moderate, four-season cities, it has its unique charm in every season. But May has always been famous because in this month, you can witness the stunning beauty of spring at its finest in every corner of this beautiful city. So, the most suitable time to visit Eram Garden is during the initial two months of spring, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. During this period, the garden exhibits its best appearance with blossoming flowers and lush vegetation. The moderate climate makes it an optimal time for a visit.

It is located on Eram Street, close to Eram Square and the Shiraz University complex. If you are coming from the southern parts of the city, you should reach Azadi Street, and then proceed to Eram Street. The garden will be on your left as you continue along Eram Street toward Eram Square.

Features of Bagh-e Eram

Features of Eram Garden
Features of Eram Garden
  • Architectural Beauty: The main mansion in Eram Garden showcases exquisite Persian architectural design. It is adorned with intricate tilework and plasterwork, displaying the artistic craftsmanship of the Qajar era.
  • Historical Significance: Eram Garden holds a profound historical significance, with roots dating back to centuries ago. The garden and its mansion have witnessed the passage of time and have a story to tell about the history of the region.
  • Scenic Pathways: The garden is crisscrossed with scenic pathways that are bordered by ancient cypress trees. One of the standout features is the thousand-year-old cypress, a remarkable living relic, which is believed to have witnessed centuries of history.
  • Botanical Diversity: Eram Garden is renowned for its vast botanical diversity. It’s a botanical wonderland with a wide array of plants and flowers from different corners of the world. This diversity has transformed the garden into a captivating living museum of horticulture.
  • Cultural Connection: Visiting Eram Garden is like delving into Persian culture, history, and horticultural traditions. It offers a unique opportunity to experience the rich cultural of the region and learn about the artistic expressions of the past.
  • Accessible Location: Eram Garden’s prime location in Shiraz, close to Eram Square and the Shiraz University complex, makes it easily accessible for locals and tourists alike. This accessibility contributes to its status as one of Shiraz’s most popular and cherished attractions.

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FAQs about Eram Garden

  • Who built Eram Garden?
    The history of this garden goes way back to the Seljuk period and it was built by Atabak Qaraja, who was ruling over Fars during the reign of Sanjar Shah Seljuki. The initial structure of the garden’s mansion was erected by Jani Khan Qashqai, the first Ilkhan Qashqai, and his son, Mohammad Ali Khan, during the time of Fath Ali Shah Qajar. The architectural design of the building was overseen by an architect named Haj Mohammad Hasan, who was well-known for his expertise.
  • Why is the Eram Garden important?
    Eram Garden is important due to its historical significance and architectural value. It offers insights into the cultural and artistic heritage of the region, serving as a representation of Persian architecture and horticultural traditions. Additionally, its botanical diversity adds to its importance as a living museum of various plant species from around the world.
  • Where is Bagh-e Eram ?
    Eram Garden is one of the most important attractions in Shiraz, Fars Province.
  • Is Eram Garden open to the public?
    Yes, Eram Garden is open to the public, and it’s a popular destination for both locals and tourists. There is an entrance fee for visitors.
  • How do I get to Eram Garden?
    Eram Garden is conveniently located in Shiraz, making it accessible by car, taxi, or public transportation. Many tour operators also include it in their itineraries.
  • Is there a guided tour available at Eram Garden?
    Yes, guided tours are available for those who want to learn more about the history, design, and significance of the garden.

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Eram Garden (Bagh-e Eram), The Most Beautiful Persian Garden