Borujerdi Historical House

Borujerdi Historical House

The name Kashan is combined with the fragrance of roses and pure rose water in minds. Beautiful Kashan, although it is located in the desert part of Iran, its originality and unique beauty and eye-catching architecture and art are seen everywhere; this has caused this city to be one of the most important tourist destinations among tourists. Borujerdi house is one of the tourist attractions in Kashan, which is recommended to all those who are interested in Iranian history and authentic architecture.

Where is Borujerdi House?

Borujerdi house is one of the historical and impressive monuments of Kashan. Borujerdi house is a symbol of introverted Iranian architecture and its magnificent dazzles the eyes of every visitor. The unique and beautiful architecture of Borujerdi house has placed it in the list of the most beautiful historical sites in Iran. This historical monument is located in Alavi street, Mohammad Sultan Mirahmad neighborhood, the southeast of beautiful Kashan.

The age of Borujerdi house dates back to 1875 as stated in the inscription on the four sides of its hall. The construction of this mansion took about 18 years, from 1875 to 1892, and more than 150 construction workers, plasterers, mirror artists and other artists worked on it. This house is considered one of the most exquisite historical monuments of the Qajar period in terms of design, architecture, age, paintings and plaster works. Borujerdi house was registered in Iran national heritage list on June 3, 1966 under number 1083. In 2014 and 2015, after visiting Kashan and Borujerdi house, Unesco general conference president introduced this building as the most beautiful historical house in Asia and UNESCO’s top choice in terms of tourist attraction popularity.

Boruherdi house has great effect and importance that its windbreaks have become a symbol of Kashan.

So far, many restorations have been done in different parts of the building. Strengthening a major part of the house and stabilizing the paintings by the experts of Kashan Cultural Heritage Department are some of these restorations.

Borujerdi house is about four kilometers away from Kashan city center. To reach this place, take the first exit in Imam Hasan Square, after Keshavarz Boulevard and enter Shahidan Sotudeh Boulevard. After Shura Square, take Modares Street. Then, enter Molla mohsen Street from Imam Hossein Square, and after Qazi Asadullah Square, take Bukharai Street. Then enter the street behind the castle from the left sub. Montazeri Street and Siah-Kar Street will take you to Borujerdi house.

Who Is the Owner of Borujerdi House?

The original owner of Borujerdi house in Kashan was Haj Seyed Hasan Natanzi, a rich businessman and a resident of Kashan. Contrary to the name of Borujerdi house, this house does not belong to someone from Borujerd. The reason for this naming is actually Seyed Hasan’s many business dealings with Borujerd city, which caused him to be called Borujerdi.

Architecture of Borujerdi House

Borujerdi house has two floors; but in the southern part, it has three floors considering the cellar. The foundation of Borujerdi house is 1,000 m2 and its total area is 1,700 m2. The main hall of the house has a dome-shaped roof. This design and appearance of the Borujerdi house has caused this building to be compared with the buildings built by Gaudí in Barcelona.

The construction of Borujerdi beautiful house has a romantic story. In this story, Seyed Hasan falls in love with the daughter of Tabatabaei wealthy and noble family, a prominent agent of the carpet trade in Kashan. Seyed Hasan proposed and the girl’s father declared the condition of consent to this marriage is to build a house near Tabatabaei’s and equivalent to it.

Seyed Hasan accepts the condition and the construction of Borujerdi house begins.