Darband is a wonderful region with pleasant weather which many capital dwellers take refuge here from the traffic and pollution of the city, to enjoy its wonderful landscape, its many restaurants and a delicious meal; However, this is not all. People can climb and use the pleasant weather and scenic environment without getting too far from Tehran. Hiking along Darband’s rocky road, passing various restaurants and vendors, eating various kinds of plum, fruit leather, sour snacks, broad bean, roasted corn, etc. These stuff make Darband super attractive. Accompany us to take a tour of Darband area.

Darband used to be a village, and now is one of the old neighborhoods in north of the capital. This area, which is known as one of the landmarks in Tehran, is so famous for tourists and Tehran dwellers and is often suggested as the first option for tourism and sightseeing.

If you are interested in mountaineering, you can go to Darband to climb the Central Alborz Mountains, especially the Tochal Peak. Besides mountaineering, there are other attractions such as the telesiege, beautiful nature and numerous cafes and restaurants in and around this region that made it one of the major entertainment landmarks in Tehran.

Darband village dates back 200 years. According to locals, people from Taleqan moved into this area at the first time, they have formed a family and founded this region. The great location of Darband made many rich men and kings build their own private bungalows here. During the Qajar era, this region was the center of king’s attention who chose it for their habitation. This went on during the Nasreddin Shah era, and a dining room was added to the bungalows.

Darband is a former village of Shemiran county and a district of Northern Tehran. Darband Street begins from Quds Square, 1,600 meters above the sea level and ends at the Sarband Square, 1,800 meters above the sea level.

The main square of Darband is called Sarband, which is located on Darband Street and leads from the north to Darband region, from the south to Saadabad Historical Complex and from the east to the Shater Garden neighborhood. The most notable feature of the square is the mountaineering sculpture that has been welcoming visitors in the area for more than 50 years.

There are many different places to visit in Darband, and they’ll can give you memorable moments.

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Darband is the Dogholoo (twin) waterfall, which is 2,700 meters above the sea level and is used to relieve exhaustion by climbers.

Since Darband is one of the sights in Tehran province and so many people visit it daily, it has a large number of restaurants to accommodate these large number of foreign and domestic tourists.

Darband is beautiful and full of tourists in all seasons and has its own grace all the time. Although on Thursdays, Fridays and Holidays, it gets very crowded; You can visit this place on other days of the week and get the most out of its private pleasant environment. During the cold season Darband gets snowy; but the trails are often clear and the restaurants are open, so you can enjoy the snowy landscape with a sense of peace.