Oshan Fasham

Oshon Fasham is a city in Shemiranat county, Tehran province. Most Ecotourists have heard of Fasham, because of the beautiful spectacular nature. Today we want to introduce Fasham. Stay with us.

Where’s Fasham?

Fasham is one of the most beautiful and well-known cities in Shemiranat County, Tehran. Fasham is located in northeastern of Tehran. Shemiranat County consists four cities: Fasham, Lavasan, Tajrish and Meigoon. Oshan Fasham, also called Oshon Fasham, is the capital of Rudbar-e Qasran District in Shemiranat County. Fasham is approximately 22 km away from Lavasan and 50 km from Tehran. Shemiranat County has a cool mountain climate because it is located between the Alborz Mountains. Fasham has little distance from Tehran, so it is one of the popular places to go on weekends for Tehran residents.

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Attractions of Fasham

Fasham has a lot of interesting places to see. In addition to this, the access routes are also so beautiful. Tehran-Fashem road is among the most beautiful roads in Iran. Fasham is one of the summer areas in Tehran, the waterfalls and the rivers are so popular. In the following, we will introduce some of the most important sights of Oshon Fasham.

Abnik Ice Waterfall

One of the attractions of Fasham is The Abenik Ice Waterfall. It is located at the end of the Abenik Valley and northeast of Fasham. During the cold season, the whole cascade freezes and becomes a good place for ice climbing enthusiasts. Many ice climbers annually visit this waterfall for fun.

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Janestoon (Janestan) plain

Janestoon Plain, also known as Janestan, is in the north of Abnik, and has beautiful landscapes for nature lovers. To reach this plain, you must cross the Abnik village, and after an hour walk, cross a river and a relatively rocky path, then you will reach this beautiful plain.

Lalan or Lalon Waterfall

It is one of the most beautiful sights in Fasham, located in 12 kilometers northeast of the city. Lalan Waterfall is located in a valley of the same name. The lower part of the waterfall is a great place to sit under the trees and spend some leisure time. In addition, there are some over 4,000-meter peaks near the waterfall, which is a great option for climbing.

Lar Mahalleh Waterfall

Another beautiful waterfall in Fasham is Lar Mahalleh. It is located in about 12 km northeast of Tehran. The access route is a convenient car road, and the best time to visit this beautiful waterfall is spring and summer. The waterfall is located at the crossroad of Abenik and Garmabdar Villages and you can stay in village houses for a few pleasant days.

Osbul Cave

Another natural historical sight in Fasham is The Osbul Cave. The cave consists of three interconnected caves located near the city of Oshan. The path to this beautiful and mysterious cave is not difficult, there is car road to the mouth of the cave, and every year it attracts a lot of tourists.

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Darbandsar Ski Resort

Spring, summer or autumn are not the only proper seasons to travel to Fasham, winter’s white snow is quite impressive. One of the attractions in winter in this city is Darbandsar Ski Run. This area according to weather is available from November to March. Derbandsar Ski Run provides amenities for all age groups and in winter, is open from 8AM to 8PM. You can both enjoy and learn at this ski resort.