Did You Know There Is a Gold River in Iran? + Video

Among Iran’s beautiful attractions, you may know less about the gold river, in this article, we’ve introduced this beautiful river.

Among Hormozgan’s eye-catching attractions you may know less about the gold river. You might think the yellow color is caused by gold, but the thing is that the gold river passes through the Salt Plain and there is yellow salt in this plain, so this river is called “gold river” or saffron plain.

This magical tourist spot is in Hormuz Island, one of the charming islands in south Iran which recently has received special attention from people. The first evidences of man on this astonishing island are several stone artefacts discovered on the eastern shores of the island. There is a stone scattering in a place named Chand-Derakht which dates back over 40,000 years ago.

The name Hormuz is taken from the important port city, Hormuz, in the mainland of Iran and has been known as New Hormuz for many years. Marco Polo visited Hormuz during his land trip around 1290 and has mentioned the location of this island. Ibn Battuta has also visited the island and New Hormuz (Hormuz No). The distance from Kish to Hormuz Island is not that much, but even so, you’d face two completely different islands.

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Hormuz Gold River

As mentioned, Gold River is one of Hormuz’s outstanding attractions. The salt that causes the gold river has regular crystals in appearance, similar to table salt. When it rains in Hormuz, water flows down from the top of these salt mountains. After the water evaporates, these salts remain on the ground and create this magical sight.

There is a salt dome near the gold river that has made this region more attractive to visit. This salt dome, which has been polished by rainwater is now towering like a mountain, known as the Salt Goddess (Elaheh Namak). In the same vicinity, there is also a salt cave, called meditation cave (Moraghebeh).

Autumn and winter are the best seasons to travel to Hormuz Island and visit this tourist attraction.