hair transplant iran vs usa

hair transplant iran vs usa

Hair loss is a common problem that affects many people. Sometimes the lost hair does not grow back and causes baldness. Of course, having beautiful hair is a sign of beauty for most people, that’s why many people today have turned to hair transplantation, which is one of the best ways to regain lost hair.

As you know, different countries perform hair transplantation for patients, and Iran and the United States are among those countries. Since the variety of services in these countries is diverse, we give you the right to have doubts about choosing between them.

hair transplant iran vs usa

But don’t worry. The Kental travel team is here to help you make the best choice. Kental Iran Travel Medical Tour Guide intends to help you in making a reliable and trustworthy choice for a hair transplant in the continuation of this article.

What is hairtransplant?

Having full and happy hair is one of the most important factors of facial beauty in women and men. However, the three factors of heredity, hormones, and age play a big role in the amount of thick hair.

Some people suffer from low back and baldness due to hair loss due to hormonal problems. In some people, there is genetic background, and sometimes hormonal problems play a role in the loss and reduction of hair on the head.

hair transplant iran vs usa

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In these cases, many people suffer from this issue, and appearance beauty is very important to them, that’s why they look for methods for removing baldness. People choose hair transplant methods for various reasons. One of them is to restore their appearance and hair like in their younger years. However, whatever their reasons, the results are the same: Feel young, build or regain your self-confidence, or get the look you’ve always dreamed of.

Hair transplantation is a very convenient and useful and permanent way to solve the problem of baldness.

Where is the hair transplant performed?

As you know, many Asian and European countries perform hair transplantation. If you intend to transplant hair, with a simple search, you will find that many countries are recommended as hair transplant destinations.

Countries with culture, success rates, history of surgery, and various costs. Among these countries, Iran and USA are among the most popular countries for hair transplantation, which attract many tourists for this procedure every year.

Kental Iran Travel Tour Guide intends to help you make a better choice by introducing hair transplantation in both of these countries.

Hair transplant in Iran

Iran is one of the Asian countries that has abandoned its old methods in hair transplantation and uses the best and most advanced equipment like European and American countries.

It has attracted many people from different countries. The level of technology and equipment used in Iran is higher than in neighboring countries and this is the reason why many people from abroad go to Iran.

Also, many medical tours in Iran have made it very easy for patients to travel to Iran. Kental Iran Travel Tour Guide is one of the oldest and most well-known medical tours in Iran, which provides unique services for the convenience of patients’ travel.

Advantages of hair transplant in Iran

  1. Travel cost: Transportation in Iran is much cheaper than in other countries, and the existence of direct flights from everywhere to Tehran has made things easier. The cost and price of medical tours in Iran, as mentioned, are completely acceptable. ., compared to other neighboring countries, you can benefit from the best facilities with the lowest costs.
  2. Hair transplant cost: Turkish Medical Center has ranked the best countries in the world for hair transplantation in terms of value, reputation, and quality. Iran is one of the top ten countries in the world for hair transplantation and has a better rank than America. According to it, the cost of hair transplants in Iran is much lower compared to the global average. The cost of a normal hair transplant in 2022 is $8000 globally, while the cost of a hair transplant in Iran is nearly $900.
  3. Expertise: All the advanced and up-to-date equipment needed to perform all hair transplant techniques and methods in Iran is provided, and reputable clinics are rapidly updating themselves. In addition, the number of people who come to Iran for hair transplantation is increasing year by year, and this indicates only one main and real issue: the high expertise of Iranian doctors!
  4. Tourist attractions and travel comfort: Iranian cities such as Shiraz and Tehran, having special natural and historical attractions in the Middle East, attract many tourists every year just to perform hair transplantation, and patients can experience a pleasant trip.
  5. Having professional medical tours:

Having recreational and tourist places, the possibility of resting and sightseeing in the country, and having appropriate medical tours like the Kental Iran travel tour guide makes an easy and comfortable journey for patients.

Hair Transplant in USA:

The USA is one of the first countries that developed hair transplant procedures and it is also one of the most expensive countries for this purpose.

  1. Hair transplant cost: The cost of hair transplant in the USA is high. This country is one of the most expensive destinations for hair transplants. The cost of each hair graft in the USA is about two dollars. That is, the average cost of a hair transplant in 2023 in the USA is between 4000 and 15000 dollars.
  2. Expertise: This country has excellent medical schools. However, studying medicine in the United States is very expensive, so surgeons charge expensive fees and supervise technicians to perform hair transplant procedures in the United States.
  3. Specialization in the USA:

As in most developed countries, medical treatment in the United States is expensive, so most surgeons cannot practice with as many patients as in developing countries such as Iran. Of course, this does not mean that they are not specialists, but they have less experience in seeing patients.

However, good specialists are also found in this country.

  1. Tourism: USA medical tours offer their services at a higher cost, if the final quality of their work may be the same as the rest of the country.

Hair transplant Iran VS USA:

As you have seen, Iran is a more suitable country for hair transplants in terms of costs, quality, and expertise. Kental Iran Medical Tour Guide is a medical guide team with experience in hair transplant tours in Iran.

This team will help you in choosing the best clinic for hair transplant in any city in Iran by using expert and knowledgeable personnel. You can entrust your trip to our team to experience a quality and comfortable trip to Iran with minimal cost. If you want to travel to Iran for a hair transplant, we suggest that you contact the Kantal Travel team advisors to get good tips for your trip.