Iran health care ranking

Iran health care ranking

Medical science in Iran has a long history and throughout history it has trained many talented scientists and doctors who have had a tremendous impact on the progress of human knowledge. In the present era, great people such as Professor Samii (the world’s best brain surgeon) and Professor Musivand (the world’s best heart surgeon) have been raised in this land.

Iran health care ranking

Currently, according to the report of prestigious international institutions, Iran’s medical knowledge rank is 17th in the world and 1st in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Also, from the point of view of the medical science production index, Iran ranks 16th in the world. This is while the situation is much better in many branches of treatment. From this, we can mention the treatment of infertility, currently Iran is one of the leading and capable countries in the field of assisted reproductive technologies, so the rank of Iran’s scientific production in this field is the fourth in the world and the first in the Middle East.

At present, all kinds of conventional treatment methods can be implemented in the best hospitals in the world in the field of infertility treatment in prominent Iranian clinics. Royan Infertility Treatment Clinic is the most reliable and well-equipped infertility treatment center in Iran, which has always been honored by the government of Iran due to its significant and continuous successes, and the treatment success rate in it is on par with the best treatment clinics in the world.

Among the other fields of treatment in Iran that have the world’s standards, we can mention ophthalmology, cosmetic surgery, physiotherapy and reconstructive medicine.

The latest results of the study “The progress of countries in sustainable development indicators” show that Iran ranks 16th among 188 countries in the world. In the study of the progress of health sustainable development goals in 188 countries of the world, thirty-seven of the 50 SDG (sustainable development goals) indicators related to health were measured.

According to the moderators of the study, since national and global institutions are looking for the strength of practical strategies and formulation of specific policies in the field of sustainable development goals, preliminary predictions have also been made for 2030 indicators. In last year’s assessment, Iran was ranked 51th among 188 countries in the world, and according to the new indicators, Iran’s rank has increased significantly (35 places) and has been upgraded to 16th.

Iran health care ranking

Turkey, which was ranked one place higher than Iran in the previous evaluation, ranked 50, this year has risen to rank 58 with a much higher growth than Iran, and of course, Saudi Arabia, which was ranked 105th after Iran in last year’s evaluation, this year is only It has been promoted by one rank to rank 104.


A look at the general results of the study shows that Iran has an excellent and good situation in 15 indicators (score 100-75) and in 22 indicators it has an average, bad and worst situation (scores zero-75).

The best performances of Iran in sustainable development indicators

The results of the study show that Iran is in 7 indicators: high vaccination coverage with a score of (100), low prevalence of household air pollution (100), alcohol consumption (100), presence of a skilled person in childbirth (98), low prevalence of neglected tropical diseases. (98), health and treatment (92), health (90) had the best performance.

Also, Iran in 8 indicators: coverage of family planning services with a score of (87), height of children (87), burden caused by occupational hazards (84), high percentage of access to water and sanitary disposal of sewage (81), incidence of malaria (79), The emaciation of children (76), the prevalence of sexual abuse of children (75) and the incidence of HIV (75) are in good condition (score 75 to 90)

Iran’s jumps in performance index in 2022 compared to 2023

A review of the above findings shows that Iran, in total, has excellent and good performances in three health indicators, access to water and sanitary disposal of sewage, and the incidence of HIV. So that it has reached from a poor level in 2021 to an excellent level in 2022, and even in the total performance of worst, bad and average, in six indicators of death due to road accidents, domestic and environmental air pollution, death due to natural disasters, violence Physically, the incidence of tuberculosis and maternal mortality have jumped in the score, but it is still in the score of 75 and below.