Jameh Mosque of Fahraj

Jameh Mosque of Fahraj

Jameh Mosque of Fahraj is located in Fahraj village in Yazd province and it is the only mosque left from the first century AH in Iran which according to historical sources, it was built by Islamic troops after the conquest of Yazd. In other words, elements such as domes, inscriptions, tiling and other decorations of mosques are not seen in Jameh Mosque, and this has added to its charm. This mosque, which is a Shabestani type of mosque and does not have any porches, was registered as one of Iran’s national monuments on December 21, 1970 under number 906.

Where is Jameh Mosque of Fahraj

This mosque is located in Fahraj village, 30 km southeast of Yazd city. To visit this historical monument, you must enter the Yazd-Bafq highway after the Yazd exit towards Kerman province. After about 17 kilometers, you will see this historical valuable place.

Introduction of Jameh Mosque of Fahraj

Jameh Mosque of Fahraj is considered to be the only mosque in the Islamic world with a long history which has not changed much since its inception. The architecture and plan of this building is not very complicated and it is made of clay and mud. Inside the mosque, there are no traces of domes, inscriptions, tiling, and conventional parts in the construction of mosques of later periods.

Professor Pirnia writes in the magazine of archeology and art in 1970 about how he came to know this mosque:

Many years ago, on my way back from Bafq, the red minaret of Fahraj caught my attention in the middle of the dry great salt desert, and I turned my way and went inside the village to visit the mosque. A group of village people had gathered at the minaret and they asked me for help to build a new mosque instead of Fahraj Mosque (they thought it was an old and dilapidated mosque), and they took me inside the mosque. With the first look, I saw Sassanid architecture works with large bricks and a thatch view. The tangled plasterwork that stood out in the thatch covering made me suspect that it was a temple or a shrine from the Sassanid era, which was later changed to a mosque; especially the mihrab, which was newly built. Therefore, I started taking photographs and I was serious to research about this, I explained the importance of this mosque to the people of that village so that they would stop doing this.

The Date of Construction of Fahraj Jame Mosque

Yazd province and its suburbs are among the oldest regions of Iran, which are famous and important not only in Iran, but all over the world due to the numerous historical monuments. According to the statements and information of historians and archaeologists, the age of Fahraj village in Yazd can be considered about 5000 years. Some domestic and foreign historians and archaeologists consider this city to be one of the first Iranians settlements. Considering the ancient history of this region, the historical works and monuments with a history of more than 1000 years is beyond imagination.

The Architecture of Fahraj Mosque in Yazd

At first glance, Fahraj Mosque in Yazd does not look like a mosque due to the lack of a dome, decorative tiling and inscriptions on doors and walls; but the simplicity and purity of this historical building will leave a commendable shine on soul, and its memory will remain in the mind for a long time. The main parts of the mosque include the middle room, main nave, winter nave, entrances and minaret.

The style and method used in this mosque is the same used in construction and design of Arabic mosques, which was popular at that time. However, large clay bricks, oval corners and cradle arches, all indicate the common architectural style during the Sassanid rule and the early days of the rise of Islam.