KOOFTEH MOOMAGH (Sardine Meatballs)

KOOFTEH MOOMAGH (Sardine Meatballs)

Food is an edible thing that is prepared for consumption in different societies, in raw and untouched, changed or semi-changed form. Food can be of animal or plant origin (or sometimes mineral) and be consumed to meet the nutrition need or enjoyment.

Due to special weather conditions and climatic characteristics, the local cuisine of Hormozgan province is very diverse; All local breads and spices used in Hormozgan are Indian and Hormozgan cuisine is derived from Indian food culture. Koofteh Moomagh, which despite its name, is very similar to Koko or Kotlet (Persian meat patties) It is one of the delicious and popular dishes of Hormozgan. To have this Koofteh, boiled potatoes and cooked sardines are combined with eggs, local herbs and plenty of spices and fried in oil.

Fish meatballs are another type of local food in Bushehr and Hormozgan, which are very tasty and popular. This dish can be easily and quickly prepared. Fish meatball is actually a type of seafood kotlet that is very useful and suitable for children, elderly and in short, all age groups.

Ingredients for Moomagh Koofteh:

Sardines: 2 pcs

Spices (salt, turmeric, pepper): as needed

Herbs (coriander, dill and fenugreek): one tablespoon of each

Egg: 1 pc

Boiled potato: 1 pc

Green pepper: 1 pc

Onion: 1 pc

Frying oil: as needed

Recipe of Sardine Meatballs (Koofteh)

First step:

First, separate the head and scales of the sardine fish, gut it, and wash it. Then boil it with a small amount of boiling water, salt and turmeric.

Turn off the heat after the fish is boiled, then remove the skin and bones. After separating, crush it completely and add pepper, herbs (cilantro, dill and fenugreek), salt, egg, boiled potato and green pepper. Now mix all the ingredients in the container well so that it becomes even.

Second step:

At this step, make the mixed ingredients into small balls, spread them a bit inside the hot oil and fry them. After all the meatballs are fried, put them in a serving dish, decorate with a little pomegranate paste, and enjoy.

A Few Tips

  • It is better to make meatballs with boneless fish or fish fillet.
  • If you like, you can add some shallot powder into the meatball ingredients.
  • In traditional southern Bandari methods, fenugreek and coriander are finely chopped first and then pounded in a mortar until the extract of the herbs comes out completely. You can grind them.
  • It is better not to pound the fenugreek too much because it may become bitter.
  • It is better to grate boiled potatoes withthe shredder side.
  • It is better to cool the boiled fish and all the mixed ingredients completely, then add the eggs; otherwise the eggs will harden in the hot ingredients.
  • If the meatball mixture is a little loose, it is better to add one or two spoons of flour to your ingredients.
  • Knead the fish meatball mixture well so that the meatballs do not fall apart during cooking.

To taste the pleasant flavor of local cuisine, we went to the land of wonders, beautiful Hormozgan, to be the guests at the colorful tables of the people of this land and smell the scent of love from their hearts. Although in today’s world, foreign foods and fast foods have found their place in our hearts, but it is not bad to invite a world of colors, memories and authenticity from this symphony of flavors to our homes.