No trip is complete without experiencing the authentic local foods of that region; this also refers to Bandar Abbas and Qeshm. Travelling to Hormuz of a thousand colors, or Qeshm full of adventure, or Bandar Abbas with warm people, we try to get closer to their culture by experiencing henna art and wearing local clothes, but nothing brings us closer to this culture than tasting the delicious cuisine of Hormozgan; spicy, hot, aromatic foods.

Hormozgan province is one of the most scenic provinces with its magical amazing nature. Hormozgan local dishes are very similar to Calicut Port cuisine in India, which is a delicious excuse to visit this region of Iran. A place with big heart people, famous for cooking various foods with fish and shrimp and on their colorful tables, you can see all kinds of Hormozgan traditional dishes.

If you are not a risk taker, you can safely order this dish. Zibon is prepared with different fish and suits most tastes. This dish is similar to Istumbuli Polo, but it also has fried fish and fried potatoes. Then it is steamed on local bread with rice, tomatoes and onions. Of course, the strange aroma of southern spices should not be neglected.

Zibon is also considered as a kind of Tahchin. To prepare this delicious dish, we only need fish, rice and Tomoshi bread (a Qeshm special bread). It seems like a simple dish to make; but you need special cooking skills that only the local women of Qeshm have.

Recipe of Zibon from Hormozgan Province

Ingredients (for 4 people)

Medium onion: 2 pcs

Fish: 4 pieces

Rice: 2 cups

Dried lemon: 2 pcs

Tomatoes: 5 pcs

Potatoes: 3 pcs

Green chili, salt, pepper, turmeric: as needed

Cooking steps of Zibon from Hormozgan province

This delicious dish is prepared in four steps, as will be explained:

Step 1:

First, add a little salt, pepper and turmeric to the fish pieces and fry. When the fish are golden, take them out of the oil and set them aside. Drain the rice too and set it aside.

Step 2:

Take two large onions, chop them finely and sauté in oil until golden. At this point, add turmeric. Remove the peel and core from the dried lemon and add only the flesh to fried onion, sauté until the dried lemon aroma comes out.

Step 3:

Add chopped hot green chilies to the ingredients and sauté. Then, peel the tomato, grate the strips and mix with the ingredients, add salt and pepper. Finally, put some sliced tomato on top of the ingredients and mix, so that the sliced tomatoes do not lose their shape, then remove from the heat.

Step 4:

Pour a little oil on the bottom of the pot and slice the potatoes. Arrange them at the bottom of the pot and add two ladleful of rice over the potatoes and add a layer of the ingredients we made on top of the rice.

Then arrange the fish pieces, continue until you run out of ingredients. Then put the pot lid to steam with mild heat. After it is ready put it into a dish, and put the fish, sliced tomatoes and potato tahdig on the top, enjoy!

Important notes

  1. If you want, you can have French fries on the side.
  2. This dish can be prepared with different fish and suits most tastes.
  3. This dish is similar to Istumbuli Polo, but it also has fried fish and fried potatoes.
  4. Don’t miss the southern spices which are the same with the Indians. From garam masala to pilaf spice, buy whatever you can and bring with you to multiply your food’s aroma.
  5. Tomoshi bread is one of the delicious snacks of Qeshm. It has cheese and eggs in its dough which causes a different unique taste.

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