Mashhad plastic surgery

Mashhad plastic surgery

Mashhad plastic surgery

Iran’s plastic surgery is very popular, attracting many medical tourists to this country each year. But when you hear about Iran, you probably just consider its capital, Tehran. Kental Travel medical tour guide suggests another city as well: Mashhad!

Where is Mashhad?

Selected as the cultural capital of the Islamic world in 2017, Mashhad plastic surgery is popular too. Mashhad is more than just a religious city. Iranian and foreign people travel to Mashhad each year for medical and therapeutic purposes, dental care, and plastic surgeries.

Mashhad also spelled as Mashad, is the second-largest city in Iran and has the most population after Tehran. It is very common for Muslims from other countries to travel to this city. Pilgrims travel to this city from all over the world to visit Imam Reza Holy Shrine, and they tend to visit doctors and surgeons very much. Kental Travel medical tour guide suggests this city for your plastic surgery, for many reasons.

Plastic surgery in Mashhad is a very good choice, especially for Muslims who come to Mashhad from middle-eastern countries like Syria, Iraq, Bahrain, Yemen, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, and the UAE. People from these countries visit Mashhad very regularly, so they know about the good reputation and skills of plastic surgeons in Mashhad, along with the good prices of medical care.

Mashhad is also very close to Iran’s eastern and north-eastern border, allowing people from neighboring countries to benefit from its great potential. Kental, Iran medical tour guide is an expert in Mashhad plastic surgery.

A comfortable stay in Mashhad

Mashhad plastic surgery

After plastic surgery in Mashhad, you are going to need peace and comfort for the convalescence time. Many factors improve your stay in Mashhad.

·        The best climate for having a Mashhad plastic surgery

Mashhad’s climate is an important factor for Mashhad’s plastic surgery candidates since they need to stay in the city for a while after Mashhad’s plastic surgery. Mashhad features a cold semi-arid climate and has cold winters and hot summers. Kental Travel, your Iranian medical tour guide can set the best timing for your travel and medical care. This way you can have a great time in the city, without any problems.

Kental Travel medical tour guide in Iran cares about your convenience while staying in Iran after and before Mashhad plastic surgery. Local medical tour guides can predict the best timing for you, so there would be no problems or hardships.

·        The best accommodation facilities for Mashhad plastic surgery

The other important factor is accommodation facilities. Mashhad has the best hotels, motels, guest houses, and inns since many tourists visit Mashhad annually. We assure you about the best quality of accommodation facilities in Mashhad for the best and cheapest prices. Staying in the best hotels in Iran after Mashhad plastic surgery costs much less than in many countries.

·        Different languages no longer cause misunderstandings

One big concern of medical tourists all over the world is the lingual differences. Of course, traveling to another country for medical care and plastic surgery can be worrying. You might fear that there would be some misunderstandings that will lead to bad Mashhad plastic surgery results.

Kental Travel, Iran medical tour guide, can solve the problem by hiring the best translators for you who are friendly and fluent, and you can always benefit from the trilingual personnel in Mashhad plastic surgery hospitals and clinics.

·        The best plastic surgeons in Mashhad

Here at Kental Travel, your Iranian medical tour guide, we know everything about the best Mashhad plastic surgeons, their specialties, and their expertise. Our local medical tour guides know the skills and reputation of Mashhad plastic surgeons and they can help you choose the best surgeon whose skills meet your needs.

Skilled plastic surgeons in Mashhad are not rare. Here is a short list of the best Mashhad plastic surgeons:

Dr. Ali Sarabi

Dr. Nazanin Ebdali

Dr. Hamed Farhadi

Dr. Esmaeil Farzadfard

Dr. Narges Razmara

Dr. Mahdi Gholami

Dr. Kamran Kawiani

Dr. Hossein Hamedi

Dr. Mehdi Ramezani

·        The costs of Mashhad’s plastic surgery

You can consult our expert staff members at Kental travel medical tour about the best fees for Mashhad plastic surgery. Different factors change the cost of Mashhad plastic surgery other than the surgery itself. For example, if you want to have a rhinoplasty surgery done:

  1. The experience, skills, and reputation of Mashhad plastic surgeons will change the costs. Of course, you need to pay more if you want reputable and skilled plastic surgeons in Mashhad to do the procedure.
  2. If your nose has thick, oily skin, there is a good chance you have to pay more for the surgery. Plastic operations’ difficulties depend on the case itself. So nobody can tell you the exact cost of your Mashhad plastic surgery except your surgeon.
  3. The price of Mashhad plastic surgery varies depending on the changes you seek. In a rhinoplasty case, small changes with only cosmetic purposes cost less.
  4. The hospital or clinic where you have your Mashhad plastic surgery done change the costs as well. The better the facilities, the more you have to pay.

Other factors can change the price as well. If you have any particular diseases or disorders that will need intensive or special care, the costs increase. And you have to add the costs of pre-operational tests and care, too. CT scans, MRIs, endoscopies, ultrasonography, etc. can increase the costs.

·        Mashhad’s best hospitals

If you chose Mashhad plastic surgery, this city has many good hospitals. Kental Travel, Iran medical tour guide is going to introduce a few of them:

Razavi Hospital, established in 2005, has offered the highest standards of healthcare for more than 17 years now. This 56000 square meters facility is one of the largest and busiest hospitals in Khorasan Razavi province. The hospital has provided more than 7300 tourists with standard healthcare only in the first 9 months after the foundation of the IPD department. This department features professional trilingual personnel, fluent in Persian, English, and Arabic.

Mashhad plastic surgery

Kental Travel, Iran medical tour guide is specialized in finding the best hospital for your Mashhad plastic surgery. No matter what your budget or surgery is, you can trust that we help you make the best choice possible.

Bent-Al-Hoda is the first private hospital and maternity in Mashhad. Established in 1958, Bent-Al-Hoda is one of the best hospitals in Iran, admitting foreign patients for a few decades now.

Sina Hospital, a private 128-bed facility located in Mashhad, East Razi St. was founded in 1968. Sina Hospital received Tourism Treatment Certificate from the Treatment Deputy of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences in 2008,

Dr. Shariati Hospital is an educational hospital with highly skilled staff (both medical and nursing), and it is open 24/7.

Mehr Hospital, Ebn’e Sina Hospital, Ghaem Hospital, Mehregan Hospital, Kamyab Hospital, etc. are the names of good hospitals in Mashhad that admit tourists, and there are many more in the city.