Salar House

Salar House

Yazd desert city is a perfect example of unique Iranian architecture consisting many historical, natural and religious monuments and that is why it is hosting a large number of domestic and foreign tourists all the time. Amir Chakhmaq Complex, Jameh Mosque of Yazd, Museum of Light and Illumination, Zoroastrian Fire Temple, Silences Tower (Khamoshan Tower), Dakhmeh Zartoshtian, Shesh Badgir Ab Anbar, Lariha House Museum, Dowlat Abad Garden, Khan Bath and Bazaar, Alexander’s Prison, and Chak Chak Zoroastrian Shrine are among the most spectacular and important attractions of this ancient city.

This city is located among Shir Kuh and Kharanaq mountain ranges in Yazd-Ardakan plain. This historical city hosts many tourists from all over Iran and the world every year.

Yazd has been mentioned in many historical sources and the architectural monuments are proof of this rich history.

Salar House in Meybod belongs to Haji Salar, a descendant of Hakim, one of the famous physicians of his time.

Salar House dates back to Qajar era and is located in Meybod, Paein (lower) neighborhood.

One of the historical tourist attractions of Meybod are the aristocratic houses in the neighborhoods, standing out through the winding alleys of this desert area. Salar House is one of these houses and it is in a neighborhood called Baghshahi and it has been remembered since the Qajar era. This house is located in the northwest corner of Meybod fence, in Meybod Bala neighborhood.

Meybod is one of the ancient historical cities of Iran, having great tourism potential; aristocratic houses in different neighborhoods in Meybod has given a special effect to its tourist attractions. One of the characteristics of Salar House is that it is built in the form of a central courtyard and the spaces and rooms are located around the yard. There is a beautiful pond with single fountains in the middle of the yard, and the rectangular garden around it has created a pleasant atmosphere. In the southern part of this historical building, there is a tall porch through the orange tree, which shows that this house has been visited a lot in the past. The symmetry method in this building is done beautifully and the eastern and western spaces are completely symmetrical, except that the area and the room located on the west side, surrounds both the yard and the west garden.

In the past, there was a water stream flowing inside the garden of this building, which today, due to the drying of the aqueduct, well water is flowing through it. On the north side of this house, there is a beautiful room with three doors, with a corridor on both sides, one leads to the vestibule, this vestibule space has three entrances, one opens to the garden, one enters the house, and the third one to the entrance of the house. The location of the house in the neighborhood gardens is another feature of this historical building. Pomegranate orchards and fruit trees and a number of aristocratic houses surround this historic monument. Salar House was registered in the list of national monuments on March 15, 2001 under number 3695 And after the restoration and renovation by Administration of Cultural Heritage of Handicrafts and Tourism of Yazd Province, it is being used as a cultural heritage research center.

Meybod Handicrafts

Among the most popular and beautiful handicrafts of Meybod, we can mention pottery and ceramics of this region. There are many pottery workshops in Meybod that are currently active. Before leaving Meybod, it is recommended to visit handicraft shops or pottery workshops in this area and visit beautiful pottery and ceramic dishes.