Tehran plastic surgery

Tehran plastic surgery

You might have heard great things about Tehran’s plastic surgery and never knew the reason behind the popularity of Iran’s capital, Tehran, in that field. Tehran has some of the best plastic surgeons in the world. Kental Travel, your medical tour guide from Iran, is going to tell you why!

Tehran plastic surgery

Why is Tehran’s plastic surgery so popular?

It has many reasons and the main one is the affordable prices of plastic surgery in Tehran. Lower costs usually mean lower quality but in this case, they do not! To explain our claim, you have to know about Iran’s currency value.

Due to this country’s economic problems and failures, and the embargo and sanctions of the USA against Iran, the currency value is very low compared to USD. It means that if you are paying 2000$ for a surgery in Iran that usually costs 8000$ in your country, you are not underpaying the surgeon, hospital, and personnel. You are paying the usual fee, but your dollars have more value in Iran! So you can compare your country’s currency value with USD to see how much you have to pay.

Other factors have increased the popularity of Tehran plastic surgery as well. Stay with Kental Travel medical tour guide in Iran, to get to know them:

  • Cheaper medical fees in Tehran plastic surgery are a good way to save money!

Of course, costs are a factor, and one of the main reasons for medical tourism is lower expenses in the destination country. One big reason for you to choose Tehran plastic surgery!

For example, in the USA the medical fees are brutally high and if you are not insured for healthcare, you will need a fortune to get any procedures done. The insurance itself will be expensive as well, and will not support some procedures (depending on the plan you chose). And the same goes for many countries in the world.

Some countries like Iran can provide the same (or even better) healthcare services while they are not as expensive as your own. People usually choose to put the expenses first when they want to have elective surgeries done, or plastic surgeries (if they are sure about the skills of the surgeons). That is why plastic surgery in Tehran attracts a lot of medical tourists.

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Tehran plastic surgery

Iran has a great and affordable healthcare system. Due to Iran’s economy and low currency value, plastic surgery in Tehran can be an excellent choice.

While a normal rhinoplasty surgery costs about 7100$ in the USA, 7500$ in the UK, and 2700$ in Mexico, you can get it done for around 1500$ in Iran, even less! (Depending on the surgeon’s reputation and expertise it can cost up to 2500$) and you need the top medical tour guide in Iran to help you choose the best plastic surgeon in Tehran.

Kental Travel, Iran medical tour guide can help you find the best surgeons with the highest level of expertise for a reasonable cost, especially when it comes to Tehran plastic surgery.

  • Better health care system, even in a developing country!

You have to do a whole research to find out everything about a favorable healthcare infrastructure, but Kental Travel, Iran medical tour guide has done all its research about plastic surgery in Tehran. Did you know that Iran’s primary healthcare system has been rated as EXCELLENT by UNICEF?

Iranian hospitals and clinics in Tehran are up to date on industry standards, so there is no problem on your way if you want to have plastic surgery in Tehran. Iran has some of the best plastic surgeons in the world as well, and they gain tons of experience each year since plastic surgeries are so popular in Iran and Tehran. Another reason for the popularity of Tehran plastic surgery.

In 2011, Iran’s healthcare system reportedly had 51 medical schools, about one million medical students, 20000 professors of medicine, 100000 doctors, and 170000 nurses which have grown to a bigger number today. Iran has great health facilities as well, and it has very advanced and modern facilities for a middle-eastern country, attracting many people to Tehran’s hospitals and surgeons each year for therapeutic purposes, plastic surgery, dental care, and other treatments.

  • Shorter waiting times await you!

If you cannot wait long enough to get your surgery done in your own country, it is a good sign for you to travel abroad and have surgery in Tehran’s best hospitals.

Many countries have shorter waiting lists. In Iran, due to the divided healthcare system (separated into public and private hospitals and clinics), the waiting lists can be less crowded. Although great doctors and surgeons will always have a busy schedule, which is why you will need someone in your destination country who can arrange everything and make sure you can get the best plastic surgery in Tehran as fast as possible.

Iran’s travel agencies like Kental Travel medical tour guide which specializes in medical tourism can help you have the best experience of plastic surgery in Tehran.

  • More experienced doctors and surgeons

Plastic surgery in Tehran is so popular. Iran has lots of great surgeons and doctors. Tehran plastic surgeons are winning a lot of international praise. The most common surgery in Iran is rhinoplasty, performed 7 times more than in the USA, making a lot of experience for Tehran’s plastic surgeons. So you can say Iran is the capital of nose job surgery in the world, full of professionals in the field of nose surgery and plastic surgery.

  • Better care in better hands

It is important to compare your potential destinations for better surgeons and doctors. Do not trust a friend’s recommendation only. Your case could be very different that theirs. Remember that you cannot assess a doctor or surgeon based on the country they are working in. A lot of plastic surgeons who are currently working in Tehran have studied abroad in the top medical schools of the world.

You will need someone who knows everything about the healthcare system and doctors’ reputations, specialties, and expertise in the Tehran plastic surgery field. For that, you are going to need a trustworthy travel agency that has smart and aware employees. Our staff members here at Kental Travel, Iran medical tour guide, are passionate about what they do, so they update their knowledge every day to suit your needs regarding Iran medical tour guide and Tehran plastic surgery. This makes them a perfect fit for their job.

  • Better climate, where you can rest in peace!

No, we did not mean to use a wrong and hurtful term! You will surely need peace while you are recovering. Your convalescence period can be a hard time, especially after plastic surgery in Tehran.

You will be needing rest, quiet, and peace, in addition to someone who takes care of you while your family is having a nice vacation outside. Some travel agencies have plans that include personal professional nurses. But here at Iran’s Kental Travel medical tour guide, you can design your desired plan from scratch, based on what you need. This is what makes Kental Travel unique in Iran’s medical tourism and Tehran’s plastic surgery.

Tehran plastic surgery

Iran is a four seasoned country with a great climate. Tehran has a lot to offer when it comes to tourism and fun times. Kental Travel medical tour in Iran will send you home with great memories and a healthier body.

  • Transportation services are there for you

Your Kental Travel medical tour guide plan can contain transportation. This way, you do not need to worry about the loss of time, energy, and comfort while getting a taxi or a car. Professional drivers will pick you up at the airport, hotel, and hospital after Tehran plastic surgery, and drive you safely to your destinations.

  • Entertainment facilities will make a great vacation

Tehran has rich nature, culture, and entertainment facilities. So you get to visit the best tourist attractions of Iran before, while, or even after you get your medical care. Medical treatments create distressing occasions. You are going to need the entertainment to get relief from the nervous feelings, stress, and anxiety that treatments could bring you after Tehran’s plastic surgery.

  • The comfort of a five-star rated hotel for your convalescence after Tehran plastic surgery

Especially if you are from a large family, living in a full house, with a lot of stressful vibes, medical tourism can help you heal much sooner. You get to choose the hotel that you stay in after Tehran plastic surgery, the facilities, and the location. Kental Travel medical tour guide in Iran is the best at finding the perfect hotel in the region that is closest to the hospitals and has the best facilities. We can help you with your choice of room, or leave you to it.

If you think the cost of your stay in Tehran’s best hotels after plastic surgery will be an issue, you have to talk to a reputable travel agency like us, before you decline any options. Our professional staff at Kental Travel medical tour guide in Iran can help you design the best yet most affordable plan for your therapeutic stay in Tehran.

  • A new experience!

All you need for the best experience of Tehran plastic surgery in Iran is Kental medical tour guide. Trust is earned, and we are proud to say that we are worthy of your trust!

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