The best general doctors in Iran

The best general doctors in Iran

Medical tourism is a type of tourism that is performed by the best experts of Kental Travel in Iran, and in this way, it helps the health and recovery of patients over sees. Iran medical tour travel has been created for various purposes, which includes the treatment of all physical and mental diseases and performing all outpatient or heavy surgeries that last between 24 hours and one year.

Kental Travel Agency, as the best medical tourism company in Iran, has been created for many purposes, among these purposes is to benefit as much as possible in the field of high quality and speed of treatment and recovery in the treatment of diseases, as well as less medical expenses  can be mentioned. Another important point regarding medical tourism is that medical tourism is completely different from normal medical trips. This means that one of the causes of normal medical trips is the lack or incompleteness of medical facilities and equipment in their own country. They go to another country with better and more suitable facilities in a country, yet in medical tourism, completely similar services are performed in the same country of origin, but the patient prefers to travel to another country due to reasons such as the time-consuming and expensive treatment. to do

In this article, our experts at Kental Travel will introduce you to the best general practitioners in Iran:

The best general doctors in Iran

Who is the general doctor?

General doctor or general practitioner has the ability to recognize all kinds of diseases and can also work in the fields of self-care and health. These doctors have extensive information about the disease, which proves the high knowledge of the general doctor.

The general doctor can diagnose the disease through the examinations and questions he asks the patient, and he can get help from methods such as tests, radiography, etc. for a more accurate diagnosis. Treatment of the patient in areas such as blood pressure, diabetes, respiratory diseases, anemia, etc. is done by the general practitioner.

Of course, in many cases, visiting the doctor can be to get self-care and health programs. It is also a very suitable choice for receiving family consultations from a general practitioner.

One of the positive points of visiting a general practitioner is that he can refer the patient faster if he needs to be seen by a specialist.

Diseases that the general doctor can treat:

As it was said, the general doctor has a wide field of activity and can be skilled in diagnosing and treating all kinds of diseases. Some of the diseases that can be treated by a general practitioner are:

blood sugar (diabetes)

Blood pressure control

infectious diseases

respiratory diseases

Treatment of stomach problems

Influenza and similar diseases

children diseases

Treatment of skin and hair problems

Improvement and treatment of kidney diseases

Family counseling

Of course, it should be noted that general doctors can study and treat in different fields, which can make their knowledge more specialized for treating diseases.

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There are many experienced and skilled general doctors, and to access the best of these doctors, you can refer to the medical tourism section of Kental Travel and ask for more information. Below is a list of three of the best general doctors in Tehran.

This list is only some of the experienced and active doctors in Kental Travel, whose experience can be benefited online and in person.

Dr. Majid Asadzadeh

Dr. Majid Asadzadeh is a specialist in physical medicine and a doctorate in traditional medicine with a specialization in nutrition.

He has the exprience of cooperation with Salam Health Promotion Center, Rah Kamal Magazine and Tehran Radio Consultant. Also, he has the permission to teach traditional medicine from Tehran University Scholars Company.


Dr. Ramin Baghai

PhD in general medicine

Specialization: General surgeon

Subspecialty: Cardiovascular surgery (children and adults)

Educational background: Graduated in General Medicine from Tehran University in 1993, Graduated in General Surgery from Tehran University in 1997, Graduated in Cardiac Surgery from Iran University in 2003.

Scientific and educational background: member of the academic staff of Iran and Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences

Member of the Heart Surgery Board of Iran, Secretary of the Heart Surgeons Association of Iran for 6 years

Executive records: Head of Cardiac Surgery Department of Shahid Modares Hospital for 3 years


Dr. Mahin Pordel Shahri

PhD in general medicine

Specialization: Women

Educational records

Doctorate in General Medicine – Laparoscopic/Hysteroscopy supplementary course from Tehran University – with specialized board

Scientific and educational records: member of gynecology and midwifery associations – minimally invasive surgeries – family planning – women’s cancer


Director of Women’s Department of Babak Hospital