Top list of pilgrimage places in Iran

Top list of pilgrimage places in Iran

Top list of pilgrimage places in Iran

Iran is one of the most important religious countries in the Islamic world, where there are important religious and pilgrimage sites. The existence of religious places in Iran has caused many tourists from other countries of the world to go to Iran every year by buying foreign flights and in addition to visiting pilgrimage places, they also travel and tour in Iran.

If you also want to go to the pilgrimage cities of our country to visit Iran and visit the religious places of Iran, by visiting these places and seeing their magnificent traditional Iranian architecture, you will go back to the ancient times and travel in history; Travel with Kental Iran Travel to get to know the most important names of religious places in Iran and learn about the details of each one.

  • The shrine of Imam Reza

The shrine of Imam Reza, the eighth Imam of Shiites, is located in Mashhad. The tomb of Imam Reza is located in its center. The shrine of Imam Reza in the city of Mashhad is one of the most magnificent Iranian-Islamic architectures and it can be said that it is the pinnacle of Islamic architectural art.

The shrine of Imam Reza is a beautiful and relaxing place and has always welcomed foreign and Iranian pilgrims, and every year many tourists from different cities always go to the shrine of Imam Reza to attract spiritual peace. Apart from the fact that this shrine is a pilgrimage and spiritual place, it is also very magnificent and exemplary in terms of architectural art. The shrine consists of several courtyards and its tiling and decorations have attracted the eyes of every pilgrim.

  • Holy shrine of Hazrat masoumeh

The shrine of Hazrat Masoumeh is known as the second most important religious attraction of the country, which is located in the city of Qom. This place is the burial place of the sister of Imam Reza and in addition to religious importance among Muslims, it is also very important historically.

Famous people such as Qajar and Safavid kings and great people such as Parvin Etisami etc. are buried in this shrine. Every year, many pilgrims and tourists travel to Qom to visit the sacred shrine of Hazrat Masoumeh (PBUH).

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  • Shah-Cherag

Shahcheragh is the name of one of the most important sightseeing places in Shiraz, which attracts every tourist from the spiritual point of view and its unique architecture. Although we have always known Shiraz as a city of poetry and literature and a rich treasure of ancient works and places, it should be known that Shiraz is the third. It is also an important pilgrimage site for Shiites in Iran.

A building whose appearance has benefited from the beauty of Iranian-Islamic architecture, the enchanting shine of mirror works, and the soothing blue of tile works by great Shirazi artists, and in the depth of its being is the body of Hazrat Ahmad bin Musa, known as Shahcharagh, the son of Imam Musa Kazem and the brother of Imam Reza has placed

Shahcheragh Tomb is located in the center of Shiraz, north of Ahmadi Street, and like any other historical-religious place, it has a special history. Shiraz has many beautiful sights that you can enjoy seeing if you travel to this city with a good Iran tour guide.

  • Jamkaran Mosque

In Qom province, there is a village called Jamkaran, which is located in the central part of the city. Jamkaran village dates back to before the Islamic period. But we all know the name of Jamkaran for a common reason, and that is a beautiful mosque that dazzles the eyes of every viewer. Every year, more than 15 million people the lovers of Hazrat Waliasr (AS) gather in Jamkaran Mosque and engage in worship and heartache with Hazrat Baqiyat Allah; People are asking to solve their problems, and some are impatient because of a long time of absenteeism, only praying for relief.

  • Shah Abdul Azim

The shrine of Shah Abd al-Azeem, which is located in Ray city of Tehran province, has a special place for Shiites from a religious point of view and is important for foreign and non-Muslim tourists. Because of the importance of this important Islamic center and its centrality in different historical periods and by the rulers of the time, it has been renovated and added to its beauty. For this reason, it can be said that it is a sight for those interested in Iranian and Islamic architecture.

  • Imamzadeh Saleh

The shrine of Imamzadeh Saleh is also one of the other places to see and one of the best places of pilgrimage in Tehran, which has many visitors, and approximately 30 thousand people visit this holy place every day. It is said that Imam Saleh is one of the children of Musa Kazem. and is also considered one of the brothers of Imam Reza.

This shrine is located on the southeast side of Tajrish Square and is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in Tehran. This building was built in a good place in Tehran, which has access to all the facilities of this city and many popular attractions in Tehran. Next to it are Tajrish Bazaar, Saad Abad Palace, etc. This is the reason why your trip or visit will be more enjoyable. This old imamzadeh is very famous among all the tourists and Muslims of the world and it is considered one of the best pilgrimage places in Iran. Visit it naturally and you will experience happier moments.

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  • Imamzadeh Dawood

Imamzadeh Dawood is one of the best pilgrimage places in Tehran, which has a magnificent building, and like Imamzadeh Saleh, it is also famous and visited by people. His mausoleum is located among towering and magnificent mountains in the Ken district of Tehran. Besides the presence of Imamzadeh Dawood, this place has a unique nature and presents its guests with clean and unpolluted air.

Part of the building of this imamzadeh was built during the Safavid period and the main part of it belongs to the Qajar period and the Qajar rule in Iran, and most of the fame of this building is related to its winding road.

  • Tomb of Daniel Nabi in Shush

Khuzestan province has always been the destination of many domestic and foreign pilgrims and it has the best pilgrimage sites in Iran. The Tomb of Daniyal Nabi is located in the beautiful city of Shush, unlike other shrines that have a yellow, green, or silver dome.

This mausoleum has a different cone-shaped dome, which tourists know as Daniyal Nabi Dome.

Its shrine is made of mirrors and catches the eye of every viewer at first glance. The mausoleum has two courtyards, and inside one of them, which is considered the main courtyard, there is a water pond, which has multiplied the beauty of this place.

This tomb is the destination of many travelers of Khuzestan province and as we mentioned in the previous texts, it is one of the best tourist and religious areas of Susa city.


Top list of pilgrimage places in Iran

In this article, we talked about the Islamic historical attractions of Iran and their characteristics, and we hope that we have told you the information you are looking for. Because Iran is known as an Islamic country and its people are Muslim and Shia, there are many Imamzades and places of pilgrimage. It contains many of them, and we have narrated only a few of the best ones, and we hope that the mentioned materials have been useful for you dear ones. Kental Iran Travel is one of the best tour guides in Iran. This team has guides who guide you to get an Iran visa and provide you with the best information about Iran’s Islamic historical attractions. So don’t waste time and contact us.