Left-Hand Day – The Countries With The Most Left-handers

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Kental Travel – International Left-Hand Day has been marked on the global calendar since 1976. August 13 was designated as a day to celebrate left-handed folks. In light of this occasion, let’s explore some reasons behind people being left-handed and their unique traits.

Why People Are Left-Handed:

Various factors contribute to left-handedness, but researchers haven’t pinpointed a single effective cause. It’s likely a combination of factors that lead to left-handedness. Here are a few reasons that have been suggested:

  • Left-Handed Gene: Researchers have found a specific gene called LRRTM1 that increases the likelihood of left-handedness by 30%.
  • Environmental Influences: Studies suggest that environmental factors like learning and imitating parents play a role in the development of left-handedness.
  • Hormone Secretion: The secretion of certain hormones during fetal development is believed to influence left-handedness.

Interesting facts About Left-Handed Individuals:

  • Left-handers make up about 12% of the world’s population.
  • Western countries, including the Netherlands, USA, and Canada, have the highest rates of left-handedness, with approximately 13% of their populations being left-handed.
  • Left-handed individuals are 11 times more likely to experience allergies.
  • A scientific study showed that left-handed individuals were twice as likely to suffer from migraines compared to right-handers.
  • Left-handers utilize the right side of their brain more.
  • Left-handers reach puberty four to five months earlier than right-handers.
  • Researchers have concluded that left-handers tend to be more creative than right-handers.
  • A recent study found that left-handers outperformed right-handers by 5 to 10% in challenging math tests.

However, left-handers also face their own unique challenges; for instance, using certain tools like scissors or computer mice can be difficult, and they may encounter difficulties in handwriting.

International Left-Hand Day in Iran:

More than eight million people in Iran are left-handed. The Left-Handers Association of Iran was established on June 3, 2015. Its goal is to identify and nurture the talents of this minority group and work towards addressing their needs. The association has sent a letter to the Secretary of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, requesting that August 13 be officially recognized as International Left-Hand Day in Iran’s national calendar.

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