Photography Day 2023: Interesting Facts You Need to Know

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August 19 is celebrated as World Photography Day in many countries worldwide. This day is named in honor of the invention of the daguerreotype, marking the global celebration of photography. The daguerreotype was the first successful method for producing and commercializing permanent photographs. Louis Daguerre, a French inventor and photographer, and Joseph Nicéphore Niépce invented this process in 1837.

On the occasion of World Photography Day, let’s explore a few intriguing facts:

  1. Modern photography began in the 1820s and was initiated by the French. In 1826, a French scientist named Nicéphore Niépce took the world’s first photograph using a pinhole camera.
  2. The photograph of Machu Picchu, an ancient Inca city with impressive stone walls built in classical architecture, marks the first archaeological photograph.
  3. The world’s largest camera belongs to an Indian photojournalist named Dilish Parekh. Since 1977, he has been buying and collecting vintage cameras, amassing around 4,425 antique cameras, making him the world’s largest camera collection owner.
  4. Around 300 million photos are uploaded to Facebook daily, amounting to approximately 250 billion photos on the social network.
  5. The most viewed photograph in history is the default Windows XP wallpaper.
  6. The saddest photograph in the world captures a Sudanese child sitting in a corner, weakened by hunger and awaiting death. The image was taken by Kevin Carter, who tragically took his own life three months after capturing the photo. His image won the Pulitzer Prize.
  7. Thanks to mobile phones equipped with cameras and digital photography, approximately 350 billion photos are taken worldwide each year.
  1. The first collection of photographs depicting historical sites in Iran was captured by Luigi Pesce, a colonel from Naples, during his journey to Iran. Naser al-Din Shah bestowed upon him the title of “Photographer-in-Chief”.
  2. The work of “Sahar Hassanzadeh,” a talented photographer from Golestan, was among the top 20 selected photographs at the LensCulture London Festival. She holds a special award and the gold medal from the Asahi Shimbun Japan Festival and the Fiap Ribbon from the India Festival in her portfolio.

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