WORLD EMOJI DAY – July 17, 2023

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What’s World Emoji Day? It’s a special day celebrated all around the world to show some love for emojis. You know, those cool little symbols and icons we use in texts, social media, and online chats to express our feelings, ideas, and stuff. It’s a time when people come together to have fun and appreciate how emojis add that extra flair to our online convos. We share our favorite emojis, create artsy stuff inspired by emojis, and even organize events and activities centered around these awesome little characters. It’s a super cool day filled with emojis that bring people from all over the world together using this universal emoji language.

Check out these rad emoji facts:

Can you believe that over 10 billion emojis are sent every single day? Talk about emoji overload! And Facebook users alone drop over 700 million emojis in their posts daily. That’s a whole lotta emojis!
The Face With Tears of Joy emoji 😂 is like, the reigning champ of emojis. It’s the most popular one out there. No surprise, it’s totally hilarious!
Here’s a fun fact: emojis were actually invented by this awesome dude named Shigetaka Kurita from Japan in 1999.
Millennials are like hardcore emoji users. About 92% of them use emojis every single day. They just can’t get enough of those tiny expressive icons.
Apple was the OG when it comes to supporting emojis. They were the first ones to fully embrace emojis back in 2011. Thanks, Apple, for making our texts cooler!
There are over 3,000 different emojis available today. That’s a whole emoji army right there.
Women are 16% more likely to use emojis than guys. They sure know how to add some emoji magic to their texts!
Emoji usage has gone through the roof, increasing by a whopping 775% over the past three years. Emojis are taking over the world, one smiley face at a time!
So, on World Emoji Day, let’s have a blast with these little graphic superstars and spread the emoji love all around. It’s gonna be epic!

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