Varamin is one of the old historical cities in Tehran province. It is said that Varamin is the fourth region built by Aryans.

Although Varamin is an important historical city in Tehran province, but there is not much information about it after Islam. So read this article, and learn more about the sights of this ancient city.

Central Masque

Varamin Central masque is one of the oldest monuments in Iran, dating to the Ilkhanate era. During the time of Öljaitü, the construction of the mosque begins and ends during the reign of his son Abusaid Bahador Khan. Ilkhanate architectural art climax can be seen in this mosque and is therefore one of the most important mosques in Iran. This monument has a rectangular structure and is one of Iran’s four-porch mosques. The entrance of the mosque is located on the north side, and the west and east verandas leads to the south side of the mosque where the chapel is located. The arts of bricks, tiling, scutto and needlework in the altar are the most beautiful examples of architectural art after Islam in Iran. The inscriptions of Al Jumu’a Surah in text and margins of Kufa inscriptions are among the historical valuable inscriptions of the monument, which consists various arabesque designs, and Arabic, Kofi and Persian writings. The mosque is also known as Jome-e Mosque Varamin. This historical monument which was restored during the time of Shahrukh Mirza, is recorded on the Iranian National Monuments list.

The Aladdin Tower

The Aladdin Tower, or Ala’oddin Tower, belongs to Seyyed Fakhruddin Hassan-e Ala’oddole (Muhammad II of Khwarazm Shah), which is said he have had a lot of influence in this region and ruled this area. This historical tower was built in 1212. The tower’s design is a combination of Mongolian, the Aq Qoyunlu era, and Qara Qoyunlu era architecture. The tower is about 17 meters high and is located on north of Varamin Central Mosque and comprises two main parts. The first part is a circular body at a height of 12 meters, which forms the main part of the building, and the second part, which contains a large conical dome with 54 meters high, located on the first part. There is an inscription on the meeting point which unfortunately is destroyed. It building is from the late seventeenth century. Aladdin Tower resembles royal grave and it is not a religious place. The corpses were kept in its cellars. Varamin people consider this tower to be owned by a passer-by who is buried here at the beginning of the present century.

Ali Abad Historical Fridge

Ali Abad Historical Fridge is located in southeast of Varamin and has a crescent-shaped arch. In the western and eastern part of the fridge there are small vents that are likely to carry ice from there into the fridge.

Hesar Kuchak Fridge

Hesar Kuchac is another ancient fridge in Varamin which is constructed by using materials such as mud and bricks in Qajar era.

Varamin Plain

Veramine Plain is located on the edge of Dasht-e Kavir. It was used as an agricultural field in the past because of its high fertility. During the reign of Pahlavi, Varamin was an important agricultural center. Due to the vast fertile lands, this plain was always noticed and many historical relics have been found in here. These relics can be compared with Kashan Tepe Sialk or Shahr-e Sukhteh Sistan with its civilization. Around 250 vestiges have been discovered in this area so far. Jajrood river is one of the most important rivers in the plain.